Re: Links to outside RR


I've just joined the community here, and have begun porting my story from another site. I've read the FAQ, and understand that linking to my own discord server in the synopsis is a no-no and will be removed.

In that case, where am I able to give the link safely? post-chapter author notes? never? somewhere I haven't seen yet?
I'm not a huge fan of forums, discord is a nice platform for me to get some face-to-face feedback and I'd like to be able to keep it.


Re: Links to outside RR

I believe you can do that in the comments, especially if a reader asks. I don't think there is a problem with posting your Discord link in a post-chapter author notes, but it'll be safer to check with a moderator first. However, I've seen writers provide links to their discord servers in the comments when asked.
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