Re: Review swap/request


I've been posting my story for almost a month now, and would love some reviews/feedback for the story. I can do a review swap as well, but as i recently got a little puppy, I can't read too long stories. I can't really sit down and read for hours on end. If you just like writing reviews and looking for something new to read that's welcome too of course Wink

I'm writing a novel called Defiance of the Fall and it is a apocalyptic LitRPG with elements from eastern fantasy. It's currently 140 pages and I currently release 1 chapter (~1500 words) Mon-Fri.

Due to the nature of the setup many things about the System etc is unclear to the MC/you as readers, but it will be gradually revealed. It's planned to be small cast, and almost exclusively be from the point of view of the MC Zac.

Re: Review swap/request

If you're still trading reviews and it's not too much trouble, I'd appreciate your opinion on my own story, and can offer an opinion on yours.

My story is, Deviant's Masquerade: A World of Heroes, Villains, Rogues, and Family

The story itself is an urban-fantasy/ superhero anthology, with each episode switching to a new set of characters in the same world. Since I'm trying to make it more character than anything else, the story is a little thought heavy, with a fairly large cast.

Right now, the story is around 250 pages, so hopefully that won't take up too much free time. If it is too long you can just give a review of one of the Episodes themselves, that should prove just as helpful if it's Episode-2 or 3. (I'm aware Episode-1 has a few issues I need to work on at a later date.)

If you do decide to review, thank you for your time and assistance.

Re: Review swap/request

Good luck with the book! You really don't need reviews, you have a very high review to follow ratio. If I did review I would just PM you the results. You are trending! Thank you for the story, takes a lot of work to write that much. I haven't been writting as consistent due to having a newborn myself, so I know how you feel. When I am more happy with my book I might swap with you.