Seeking Fantasy world setting novels.

As subject title states.
I'm looking for new stories in fantasy setting.
It could be isekai or Non-Isekai, makes no difference so long as it's fantasy world with things like monsters, maybe war, or whatever kind of plot the novel might have.

The tags that I'm looking for specifically are:

  1. Action.

  2. Supernatural(magic or magical items) 

  3. Weak to Strong.

As for secondary tags which aren't as important as the 3 above, but I'll like to see:

  • Tragedy

  • Comedy(a little laughter won't hurt, would it?)

  • Romance(slow pace or long pace)

  • Non-human races and humans.

  • Discrimination.

  • Slow pace(multiple time skips always confuse me)

  • Game like Status screen.

  • Male protagonist

  • Harem(can never say never to this tag)

Here are some tags which I'd rather not see if possible:

  • Extreme mature/Gore content(emphasis on extreme)

  • Yandere(those characters never sit well with me)

  • Sex Filled brain Protagonist(tired of MC thinking of nothing but boobs, ass or sex)

  • Reckless, no intelligence protagonist(MC who always rush at things without thinking like a kid, and somehow saves the day is tiresome)

To clarify on some things.
For the "Game like status screen" it doesn't have to include level up system.
Not all stories with status screen have level up, some authors tend to be creative make it so, that the screen is just there to show parameters of individual abilities and skills, like how high is their strength and agility and what skills do they have.
For the "Extreme Mature/Gore content" tag, I don't mind stuff like torture, mind break, dismemberment, slaughter, rape and so on, but when those stuff are given in too long details, it becomes disturbing. 

Also, I repeat, not all the tags in the 2nd and 3rd list are important to exist in the novel.
Only the first list tags must be there.
I'd appreciate any recommendations that can meet those demands.

Re: Seeking Fantasy world setting

Son of the night fits a lot of what you are looking for.

Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Slow Romance, LitRPG, Magic, Male Lead, Non-Human lead, Supernatural 

This story is a LitRPG story, BUT it's not a rebirth/reborn, teleported, mind-transfer, trapped inside a game, or even a VRmmo novel. 

It's a fantasy story with the main character born and growing up in the world I created. 

So far it has 75 chapters (749 pages)
Hello! Story one Son Of the Night [Fantasy, LitRPG, 280+chapters]
Story two is Neo-Tokeyo 199x: M1 [a cyberpunkish/sci-fi story, 50+chapters ]
Son of the Night
Neo-Tokeyo 199X: M1

Re: Seeking Fantasy world setting

Based on your preferred and excluded tags, I think Canaan would be a good option to read? It fulfills most of the preferences.


Action ✓
Supernatural / Magic ✓
Weak to Strong → leaving this one to you since it strays from the typical path of an OP (?) character


Tragedy ✓ hasn't happened yet (no spoilers!), but it's actually a big part of the story
Comedy ✓  trying, but whether it succeeds is up to debate
Slow Romance ✓
Non-human races and humans ✓
Discrimination ✓  specific to humans and races/species
Slow pace ✓
Game like Status screen ✗ → magic system with game-like elements without numbers
Male protagonist 


Extreme mature/Gore content ✗ → minor
Sex Filled brain Protagonist 
Reckless, no intelligence protagonist   

Re: Seeking Fantasy world setting

Maybe you'll like my story.


  1. Action. - Multiple fighting scenes

  2. Supernatural(magic or magical items) - there are spells, skills, and in the center of the story is a pa rticular magic item 8though they're rare)

  3. Weak to Strong. - The MC don't start of as weak, but is often faced with challenges that are too much and there is still a lot to grow power-wise. Also personality-wise...


  • Comedy - There is often a humorous undertone though it's definitetly no gag-material

  • Romance - ... ... comment

  • Non-human races and humans. - One of the party-members (starting volume 3) is a non-human and there are different kind of people in the world.

  • Discrimination. - Poor humans...

  • Slow pace - Definitetly hit, time skips are only between volumes and are a month at best

  • Game like Status screen. - It's a game-lit. Still not as many as possible, but regularly.

  • Male protagonist - Check

  • Harem - Let's say yes.

Not haves:

  • Sex Filled brain Protagonist - The protagonist has the iron determination to not let his nether regions have a say in his decisions, though he's sometimes tempted.

  • Reckless, no intelligence protagonist - Reckless at times, yet rather thoughtful in general