Re: LF stories where the MC is a non-human

Hah, this is gonna be fun. I'm gonna go through my entire bookshelf for this one. Btw, these are all worth reading despite my lackluster descriptions. Also, I left out all the dungeon core stories because that's its own thing, right?

(Re)Install by Warhawx - summoned to another world as a robot (one of the native species of the world).
13.AI by Saustin - technically the AI is human but his mind is a brand new AI so it's more like an AI with a meat shell than a human.
A Snake's Life and A Snake's Rise by Kenaren are about a human reincarnated as a snake (eat to grow).
Artisan by Literal Folly - technically mc is human but it's a vrmmo where he's playing as an AI so I'm including it.
Bloom by Xel - mc is a magic tree.
Chrysalis by RinoZ - mc is a magic ant.
Fork This Life! by jinxs2011 - mc is a fork.
Ghoulish Insanity by Seventus Almagar - mc is a loli-ghoul.
I am a Bug by verycoolname - reincarnated as a bug. I think this was eat to grow as well.
I don't want to be the Hive Queen by ValetheHowl - pretty sure it was a gender swap reincarnation to a zerg-like hive queen in a fantasy world.
Orc Lord by docemoon145 - mc is reincarnated as an orc (the pig kind not the WoW kind). Evolution system.
Reincarnating into a Fantasy world as an Autonomous Machine Arsenal by MeanRobot - this is not someone reincarnating as a giant doom factory but a doom factory reincarnating into a fantasy world as itself.
Skeleton in Space by WeirdWhirl - how do I even describe this appropriately... mc is a dumb as bricks, raise the dead en masse, skeleton that ends up without an owner in the middle of space.
Small Chests Are Fine Too by Exterminatus - mc is golem. this is right up to my cutoff line for "civilized" race rule for this list but I included it because you just came off Boxxy.
Super Minion by Gogglesbear - mc is shapeshifter working as a super villian's henchman.
The Great Tower by puddles4263 - mc gives up self and humanity to earn perks in extra-dimensional gameshow and slowly(quickly) becomes something else entirely.
The Rising by Louisthau - ai gets reincarnated as a robot if I recall correctly.
The Snake Report by wercwercwerc - mc reincarnates as a magic snake (very good).
Threadbare by Andrew Seiple - mc is a teddy bear necromancer.
Who Says This OL Can't Become A Splendid Slime!? by Shinde - yep, office lady reincarnates as slime. WYSIWYG.

I could probably dig up a few more but, w/e.

Re: LF stories where the MC is a non-human

Son of the night might be just the story for you!
This story is a LitRPG story, BUT it's not a rebirth/reborn, teleported, mind-transfer, trapped inside a game, or even a VRmmo novel.
It's a fantasy story with the main character born and growing up in the world I created.

Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, slow Romance, LitRPG, Magic, Male Lead, Non-Human lead, Supernatural

Since the dawn of time, the Demon race and Humans fought each other over land and resources.
Neither side could gain a decisive advantage.
Was history determined to endlessly repeat itself?
Everything changed once the mysterious demigods appeared and took the humans' side.
Clueless of this struggle Akira tries to find his own path in this war-torn society.
Why should he care about the fight between the demon race and demigods?
Honor! Survival! Fighting for friends and family! These were the values he believed in.
However, soon his heritage would come to haunt this son of the night

Re: LF stories where the MC is a non-human

Hi I am writing a lowfantasy story where only non-humans exist. It has around 19k words right now and has some comedy elements and mystery that gets slowly build up.

the synopsis :
"The world is all wrong. Beings that exist shouldn't exist. And beings that should exist do not. This confuses the young Demonlord Tiacia and she starts gathering likeminded people to claim her Birthright, the world, and to set the world right again.

Or she is just a noisy little kid with way to much fantasy who attracts only weirdos as her friends."

If you are interested you can take a look^^
Demonlordchens Symphony

Re: LF stories where the MC is a non-human

I loved Lament of the Fallen- a demon chimera/kitsune/other species has to grow in strength to avenge the genocide of nearly all the Demons. But powerful people have their eye on her, will they keep her under control? This one takes a while to ramp up but is great. Fiction is actually complete, woah! MC is super OP btw.

Dungeon Heart is a classic dungeon core series that I always recommend as well. It's about a Dwarven Master Blacksmith who dies, but he escapes afterlife by fleeing into a dungeon core. This is your classic dungeon core story, but a very well written one. Unfortunately not finished.

Finally, I would appreciate if you gave my dungeon story a chance. "Cycles of Power": My dungeon, Riva, is a sentient new dungeon trying to survive and grow. My twist on the dungeon core genre? Dungeon vs Dungeon fights. Adventurers will come along as well, but I believe my overall plot is unique.