Re: question about tags and 'mature' content

I'm planning to reboot a story in episodes that I started elsewhere (on a wordpress blog) but never finished, but I am a bit unsure about the exact qualifications of 'mature content'. I knowthe rules in this part of Europe are completely different in this part of Europe than in the US ('kartonnen dozen', a Flemish book about a gay teenager with a rather yucky masturbation scene among other things was a mandatory reading for my wife when she was 14 or so.) and I have a story that seems to be a bit in-between categories.

It's a (post-)dystopian story in a future where most humans have been replaced by robots and AI and where society is running out on autopilot , with the main character gradually discovering whats wrong with the world he lives in. 

There certainly is no sex at all (explicit or otherwise, just friendship with an actual human is more than the main character can handle for now, so simple romance will take more than one book to arrive at...), but the action takes place in a what's left of a red light district of a post-dystopian city where there are hardly any humans left, so there are some references to strange nude dances in the background and the place being some kind of strip club. There also is a dark dystopian undercurrent of organised and socially accepted suicide that has taken humanity to the brink of extinction. The whole story is about finding back humanity and discovering the dark truth about that philosophy/religion, but it might be rather disturbing in a way. 

(I think it's a lot lighter and more hopeful in the end than 1984 or brave new world, and less 'mature' probably, but the world and the story stay post-dystopian on the brink of human extinction with something like a strip club as a main location...)

So what do I do with tags and the whole 'mature' thing? People who would look for mature content would be rather disappointed, but there might be a disturbing background nonetheless...

Re: question about tags and 'mature' content

Tag it mature.

I agree that people who are looking for mature content might be rather disappointed, but on RRL, if your story has any scene that is even just a little bit disturbing, it needs to be tagged mature. You can always try not to tag it mature, but chances are that you will receive a message from an administrator later on asking you to add the mature tag. At least, this is what happened to me. My story is in no way mature. It's an adventure comedy, yet for a single torture scene (that was not explicit and was mostly skipped with an ellipsis), I was asked to add to mature tag. 

As for the other tags, that's for you to decide, really. From what you've described, Post-apocalyptic and maybe Steampunk seem to be appropriated. But ultimately, you're the one who knows your story the best.

PS: The Mature tag is actually a content warning about either profanity, gore, traumatising or sexual content. So you can choose the one(s) who seem(s) to fit the most. But once again, you can always try not to add it.

Re: question about tags and 'mature' content

That's much more stricter than I'm used to here in Europe. Teenagers are expected to read a lot of disturbing stuff over here, much worse than what I'm writing.

So a society in which assisted suicide is institutionalised would then be 'traumatising' and the background of a red light district would be 'sexual content'.

Steampunk would be cool, but is not completely applicable I'm afraid. I'll have to think of the exact labels, it's a bit genre-defying. Post-dystopian slice of life with soft scifi and later on a bit fantasy here and there, and there won't be any romance for quite a while (male main character needs to learn how to deal with human interaction now instead of robots) so I'll have to think what the best labels are. They will vary a bit too probably.

Re: question about tags and 'mature' content

I think the second post already is an example of why I wonder about the sexual content tag (which I've added anyway, as well as the 'traumatising content' one. At least for the MC discovering that humanity is on the brink of extinction is rather traumatising), with the MC walking through the 'Light District' of a dystopian city with faded pornographic images on the walls, and a bar with nude dancers:

In the end it's a background setting and not something the MC will have much to do with, but I suppose it's not very child-friendly...

Re: question about tags and 'mature' content

Do you have a preview of the new wording?

I don't think I'll really get to "Explicit sexual content, descriptive sex scene/s." but with the background I've added the tag, just to be on the safe side, I don't want to get in trouble with the admins here if I'm not certain of where the line is...

(Same with 'traumatising content')

It's all rather 'clean' though after I guess.