Re: [Paid] Professional Concept Artist/Illustrator making Covers


Hi there! I am a freelance Illustrator from Germany with a concept art diploma from Vancouver Animation School. I've been creating art professionally for two years now and have experience in most to all kinds of subject matter including creatures, tech, characters, vehicles, environments, props and many more. I mostly look for work that allows me to create some pieces I can use in my portfolio but I am open to everything.


To get that out of the way, my rates are usually 9€/h (~10$/h) but they are negotiable, if the project includes something I am not super confident I can pull off immediately or if your work has a lot of traction (Only alongside smaller wages, nor for free). Cover art will never exceed 200€ (~223$) unless you ask for large revisions close to the projects completion.

1.What's your process?
After we've talked initially and I have received a briefing on the project from you, I will propose a timeframe (usually only 1-2 days) in which I will create a work in progress of the project. (Depending on the project this might not be needed/feasible) At this point in time I will contact you and we can either continue if my work is exactly on point or talk about necessary adjustments. Based on the length of the project I will now bring it to completion or we will repeat the process (work, review, adjust) until my work is done.

2. How do we communicate?
We can use E-mail, Skype, Discord, Twitter, Reddit or whatever you can come up with. It’s honestly up to you. For regular updates and inquiries, I prefer written messages because they are easier to double check and keep track of, but if you want we can also communicate verbally.

3. How do you take payment?
After we agree to the terms, you'll receive an invoice (Full payment upfront for short projects or 4 hourly wages for long projects as insurance) from a verified PayPal account. Further payments for very long projects whenever we review. If you are worried about me doing you wrong regarding the amount of hours worked I can stream to twitch whenever I work and archive those streams so you can see exactly how many hours and minutes I worked on your piece.

4. How can we get in touch?
Just message me here, or…
E-mail: [email protected]
Discord: CriticalCanvas#3555

I'd be happy to answer any questions.
Thank you very much for reading and I look forward to working with you!