Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

Wow, you're awesome for doing this! Hope you like it:

Currently at 32 chapters, here's the blurb:
With her parents murdered and her brother abducted, a trainee Monk of the Gun pursues the one responsible, the Bull Demon King, undefeated Warlord of the Crimson Army.

Struggling to track down her enemy while braving the dangers of the wilds, she enlists the help of Sun Wukong, but 500 years under a mountain have taken its toll. Unstable and weakened, will he be more hindrance than help? Can he become the warrior he once was?

A Monk and a Monkey journey across a world...
... where the remnants of technology are seen as magic, while pockets of humanity strive to drag themselves out of ignorance.
... where the descendants of animal-human hybrids, once created as instruments of war, now seek to dominate the world as demons.
... where beings who call themselves Immortals and Gods preoccupy themselves with selfish pastimes, ignoring everything else. 

Among other things, a story about growth, grit, and being better than the person you were yesterday.

Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

Hello ^-^

I'm of the mind that all feedback is appreciated as long as it's given honestly and with just cause :} 
With that said, I hope you'll be able to find the time to give mine a read and maybe even enjoy it a little along the way 

It's a Dark Fantasy - Werewolf/Vampire themed, not romance, but it is rated mature