Re: The search for the highest level account.

Since Kanadaj reworked the member list, it's unfortunately made tracking the highest level accounts much easier... I don't exactly know how the 'rankings' are determined, but it has allowed me te reupdate my list with more certainty. 

The highest level spot is shockingly close, so I'll need to watch it actively; Zethuron is nearing complete domination on both lists.

If anyone knows of an account that I've overlooked then please point it out!

Re: The search for the highest level account.

Memberlist is essentially sorted by levels, with only the admins having priority sorting. The tricky part is that on top of it, the list also only displays ACTIVE members, as in users that have been online in the last 30 days, the 'inactive' users are sorted in their own listing just like the 'active' users but after them. is the current page of where the 'inactive' users can be found.

Also, theres this user , has been steadily gaining lots of reputation, has a bit more reputation than Lone does currently.

And just adding the current fifth in reputation