Re: The search for the highest level account.

The title says it all.

Post a link to the highest RR account you can find and I'll update the current 'top' linked in this post. The account's level doesn't necessarily have to be higher than the current record, I'm also interested to know who the highest level accounts are.

Now, I don't want anyone asking Kanadaj and having him just give the answer away. That is no fun.


Highest Level: Lone at level 28, 266 050 XP
Second Place Highest Level: Exterminatus at level 28, 265 293 XP.
Third Place Highest Level: Zethuron at level 28, 265 102 XP.

Highest Reputation: Zethuron at level 36, 7 536 rep. 
Second Place: Andur at level 35, 6 766 rep.
Third Place: Lone at level 33, 4 502 rep.

Re: The search for the highest level account.

Danetello Wrote:
l nimbus Wrote: I hate to say it, but that goes to an author i DESPISE.

He has 428 Rep. Level 20. 

is it ironic then, that's he's one of the most hated authors on RR?

Well, I have good news. I just updated the list and it seems he still has a long way to go before he even nears the top.

Yet another author i hate.

lvl 26 with 846 Rep. 
Should top 5 on REP list.