Re: Fonts


Ral Wrote: I'm not sure about this and I'm not using mobile, but from what I know you need to have the font installed in your system for such features to work. If the font doesn't exist, the system uses a default font.

Exactly that. Font's with some specific exceptions are all client sided. Windows comes pre-installed with several common font options and you can manually download more fonts. The same applies to mobile OS systems like Android or iOS. If you publish something, be it a webpage or anything really, if you are using a font, that the user who is trying to read it has not installed on his machine, he will first default to what is called a similar 'font family' if the options of such a font-family is given in the metadata of the webpage/article or if there is none, will use a default font. You could also specify a specific other font to use als replacement.

Now it gets a bit more tricky if we talk about a webpage hosted by another person. If you have access to css or html code, you could in theory manually decide what fonts to default back on, but its quite a bit of work.

If you don't have these option, you will have to simply rely on what is provided by the owner of the webpage, or what the content management system where you add your generated content lets you choose from.

To get an idea of what fonts are installed, you can browse through C:\Windows\Fonts on your PC. 
This will give you an idea of what most users will have access to, at least when comparing the same version of windows, as long as you didn't manually add your own.

For mobile phones its a bit trickier. While some phones already have options to download and add fonts, most stock android and iOS phones don't give you that option without adding various apps.