Re: Giving out Reviews

Hey guys, it's The Reviewer here,

I've gotten a lot of requests, so why not just make a post on it? Anyone who desires a review for their novel, comment down below. I do have some requirements though.

  • Have less than 10,000 views

  • Be fine with a glance review (don't have time to read a bunch of chapters)

  • The author can only ask for one review for one fiction

  • Be Patient. I'll get to everyone eventually

Also, side note. My reviews aren't whole essays. They are short and concise, sometimes an occasional mention on an area that could be improved. Otherwise, it's mostly just going to be my opinion on the novel. 

All you have to do to get a review is link your novel down below for me to review. First come first serve!

P.S. A +Rep is always welcomed!

-The Reviewer

Re: Giving out Reviews

Hello! Thank you for offering reviews to the community! (:

I'll take you up on it~ I need a fresh review after I rewrote the beginning, so even if you don't read up to the latest chapter (a glance is fine), it'll be really helpful for me. My novel is my signature, Canaan: My World To Live. It's less than 10K views too, and the other reviews are all from swaps before the rewrite except one.

As a heads up, the Prologue is in 1st while the rest of the story is in 3rd because she's in a different world, and it's no longer just centered on the MC (after other characters are introduced).

Re: Giving out Reviews

This is my work:

I'm quite nervous of what you're going to say, but I would really appreciate it if you can review my work. I've been planning on making this for a long time now, but I lack the proper knowledge and experience when it comes to making stories, so I want to get your opinion on what I made and gladly accept pointers as well. Thank you in advance!