Re: Copy Pasted Stories loosing formating.

Description: Story is written offline using LibreOffice 6.0. It is saved in the default ODF text format. When pasted into Royalroad all spacing and paragraph indentation is lost.

Saving in any other format produces the same result. Formats tried (DocX, Xml, doc, dot, txt, rtf, html)

In the edit window itself the spacing is preserved. The paragraph indentation is not preserved. Hitting preview shows blocks of text with no spacing between paragraphs.

No matter how many times I hit enter and add an empty line between two paragraphs it will not be present in the published work.

Solution: I found this works EVERY time for spacing.

Paste your document. Do not even look at the preview button. Publish your document and make it live. Now go to your profile and select my fictions. Select the story and chapter you just published. Edit the chapter using the botton on that page. Click anywhere in the document where you have an empty line. Hit enter to add one additional line and publish the changed document. All spacing across the entire document will now be fully restored. Now edit again and remove the extra line you added and publish it again.

I have no idea how to fix the tab indents, but so long as I can skip lines between paragraphs I can preserve some measure of structure and to be honest it looks clean.

I wrote this up because I was unable to find a solution searching the forum myself, and I thought it might be of use to somebody else. It may work for any office program or only LibreOffice. I am inclined to believe it will work for them all.

Re: Copy Pasted Stories loosing formating.

So I have attempted to reply to this several times, sorry if my reply is shorter this time! I accidentally deleted my text by clicking subscribe! Maybe I am not the best person to give you advice!

So I posted my story and immediately was bombarded by comments about formatting, so I got to work!

There isn't a way to transfer seamlessly that I know of, other than maybe transferring to Google Docs and then from there it will copy and paste without losing the format.

What I do isn't exactly easy to explain, but is pretty easy to pull off. Most people don't care about tabs at the beginning of paragraphs on here, but they do care about readability. That means line spacing, the reason is because for some reason the text editor for stories defaults to less than 1.5 line spacing which is seen as standard.

My method is to just copy and paste the story, this will lead to you losing your formatting, but sometimes you will keep paragraph breaks. Your story does have paragraph breaks so you should be fine with my method. 

After copying your text open the view source box <> and copy that and paste it into your preferred text editor with "replace all". Once there you will need to replace all of the <p> with <p style="line-height: 180%;"> and from there you can change the 180 to whatever your preferred line spacing is. I don't believe that this is 1.8 as it looks closer to 1.5 to me. I actually use 240 for wordy paragraphs. You then will paste the entire document back into the view source window.

If it works after you close and then open the source back up then it will work when you post the chapter. 

I would also advise you to change your font size to 1.1 it helps make it easier to read.

When writing on here all you have to do is change the source after you write the first paragraph and from there it will continue with the same format..

You are doing a great job on the book! Good luck with the writing! Let me know if you want to use this method and have any trouble. PM me if you need anything!

Re: Copy Pasted Stories loosing formating.

I actually don't have as much trouble from my older version and using my windows 7 computer. There are some embedded options in the new word for copy/paste that I haven't really experimented with, but since I now basically know html code for this purpose it is simpler for me to just change the code.

I really struggled getting a different colored table and font to work on here, just didn't want to. I had to go in and completely change the order of the code and remove the span, paragraph, and move the strong. Just ridiculous really.

Any of you use premium? Is it any better? I doubt I will ever get there, but it's something that I have wondered about, since there are more options there should be a slightly different text editor.

Re: Copy Pasted Stories loosing formating.

I am having this problem also.

But I only see one edit chapter button at the top. I don't see one at the bottom (anymore?). So this fix wasn't working for me. And maybe that's why?

This problem is causing me tons of slow down and grief.

Is there another work around to this?

Because I can't edit using the bottom, when I go to insert a space and save its not fixing it.