Re: How do i get followers

Honest, fast and true advice?

 - Have a good cover.

- Have an interesting sypnosis.

- Make sure your first 3 chapters are interesting and engaging. 

- Start releasing content and keep releasing content. 

- Maybe do a few review swaps ( optional ). Reviews give your story credibility, help draw in readers.

That's it. 

Re: How do i get followers

There is a variety of ways that will influence people writing comments.

First of all, as many have already mentioned. Have the content out there that is interesting and appealing enough to make them want to comment on something happening in the story. More chapters / pages will give you a higher chance of someone getting interested enough to stick around and the more they read, the more they might be inclined to spend some time to comment.

Obviously increasing the number of people over time, will get more people to comment. More people, more comments, simple quantity. Only a small amount of people who view your novel will comment on it, that's pretty much the same for everyone, even big novels out there.

Existing comments usually lead to others reading them and then increase the likelyhood of them to reply or write their own. Like begets like, both in a positive as well as in a negative sense.

Wanting more people is obviously related to getting more exposure. If your content is up to par, then getting more exposure will help people to find your work.
Different times when you post your updates, a good cover and initial impression with the name, synopsis or first chapters, mass releases if you can manage it, to hang out in that new releases for a longer amount of time as well as your own advertisement in the proper places will all help towards getting more exposure.

Most of all though time is a big benefit as well. The longer you keep constantly working on your novel, the more people might stick around. The more people stick around, the easier it will become for people to find your novel. Even if you are 'unlucky' with your timezone, or just have a slower start because not many people have found your novel, having more content will give you an easier time later on, once people have found you and things like comments and reviews are picking up.

Advice for your book in specific?

Work on your synopsis and the formatting of your chapters. Your synopsis has quite a lot of spelling mistakes. The formatting is also not really the best. Try to add some more paragraphs perhaps to make it easier to read.

As for your chapters, try to add paragraphs and use them after a sentence ends, not in the middle of a sentence. Currently your chapters are very hard to read.
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