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Re: Nimbus reviewing services.


First of all, really awesome you're offering these services! I've been lacking feedback on every website I post my stories on and it's kind of frustrating. I'd like to get my story reviewed. It's finished recently so I'm looking for honest feedback. Thanks in advance!

175 pages long
15 chapters excluding prologue and epilogue
Average chapter word count: +-3000

Re: Nimbus reviewing services.

I'm just going to toss this here:

By the 31st I should have all 46k words posted that I have written at the mo; right now I'm somewhere around 13k words. This is my first draft and I'm trying to focus more on getting the characterization/world building/plot/flow/pacing where I want it so any critiques there would be greatly appreciated. My grammar is not the best, but I am currently not focusing on it (I'll be focusing on it when I start the second draft, way in the future).

This should fit the criteria (all characters are over the age 18 so no lolis or shotas; I do have two characters that (sometimes) resemble children but there are reasons for both of those characters (one will be obvious and one won't be so obvious until much, much later)); however, this might slide a wee bit under evil mc. Several of the characters are on the morally grey side and whilst a good portion of the main characters whose POV I used are on the much brighter side of the moral scale it I do have some character(s) that could be considered 'evil'. 

Re: Nimbus reviewing services.


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