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Re: Nimbus reviewing services.

 L Nimbus is doing in-depth, helpful, honest reviews. 

 Some of you might know me, might have seen some of my works before. Like you, I'm a fellow author on RoyalRoad, and I believe in helping other authors. So, after some thinking, and with my schedule cleared up, I'm opening a reviewing thread. You can post a story below to get a helpful, in-depth review of your work. 

 I don't aim to give glowing praise or needless prattling. I aim to give you an honest, unbiased opinion of your story. How it currently is, what it tries to be, and how it fails and succeeds. What it can do to get better. How you can improve as an author. 

 If you want a quick, glowing five star review from me, don't sign up. I give praise where praise is due, and that won't change. Instead, I give you what you need, instead of what you want. Sound good? Well, let's go over the rules below. 

Terms and Rules: 

 • No flash in the pan stories. Your story must be at least 6000 words long to qualify for this. While I pride myself with reading a story to the end of the current content before I review, I sometimes can't finish stupidly long stories either. Generally, if it's over 500 pages long, it better be damn good in order to hold my interest. 
 • No loli MCs, please. While some of you might have them, and they're allowed on RoyalRoad, I can't bring myself to read any story with a loli MC. Shotas either.
 • Light novels are iffy territory, as are straight-up 'evil' MCs. It's hard for me to either enjoy, or, with their style of writing, fully review Light Novels. I can still try, but there are no guarantees. The straight-up evil MCs are probably by biggest turn off. I can do some, and I have enjoyed a few, namely Catherine from A Practical Guide to Evil, but most just piss me off. 
 • Be polite and wait your turn. I'll try to mantain a small list here in this thread. My reviews take time to do as well, so be patient. Don't clamor to have yours done first, and ask when I'll do them. Don't double post either. 
 If you can follow those simple terms, then, I believe we have an agreement. You put up your story here, and I'll review it for you. I give no guarantees that you'll be pleased with my reviews, as I aim to critique, not dole out praise. I stead of giving you the five star rating you crave, I'm giving you the advice you might need in order to get other people to give you the five star rating you crave. Sound good? 

 Plug away, then. 


 This is a completely optional section, one that I'll explain in a second. If you, the author, like and are satisfied with what I gave you, you may chose to donate me a buck for my work. Let's make a few things clear, though. 

 • Do NOT, in any way, attempt to bribe me or convince me to give you a 'good' review. I will immediately remove you from this list and blacklist you from any future services. I'm doing this to HELP people improve and expand their stories, not to be for hire as a praise specialist. If you don't agree with this, sod off. I'm not going to write awesome, glowing five starz fer everywun reviews in the hopes that you might tip me. And I never will.
 • Actual tipping. IF you have already received your review. IF you are satisfied that I provided you with constructive advice in order to further your carrer as an author. IF you feel like I helped you. Then, and only then, consider donating a buck or two. Don't tip me ahead of time, or to get me to speed up reviews. IF you do tip me, please notify me in a PM.  
 • I will NOT hold reviews for ransom, change reviews or delete them if not tipped. I'm not some seven year old toddler in that regard. This thread is for FREE reviews, with and added side of optional tipping, not a tipping thread with a free option. I realize many authors are just starting, perhaps looking to make careers from their writing, and want/need help and advice. I was like that, and I'm not going to take advantage of people because of that. 
 Now, with THAT out of the way, plug away below. 

Re: Nimbus reviewing services.


its just under 5k words... i'm updating every two weeks due to work/life schedule but I have the entire thing planned out. But I will understand if you refuse to review it based upon its length.

regardless.. it's a Hard Science Fiction, insprired from Niven, Pournell and Scalzi.

The blurb:

Year 3444: A fledgling colony funded by Lanston-Co, a multi-trillion pound corporation from the United Interstellar Kingdom has set out to colonise the frontier world of PN-40A7823F - Arcadia. The colony headed by an idealistic young man - Adam, the youngest of the Lanston family will seek to settle into a new harmonious existence. Life on Arcadia is bountiful with everything thriving in a complex web of symbolism, the earth readily gives up its fruits and seeds for man to feast alongside the natural beast of the world. As man drives to bend Arcadia to its will as it has done countless times before on thousands of worlds, they will discover the hubris of their actions.

Re: Nimbus reviewing services.

You know what nimbus, I'm not going to lie when I say that the authenticity of your reviews scare me. But, I am in need of honest feedback / critique right now on my current story because I intend to one day publish it and must be ready for harsh reviews.

In order to make sure any loose stones the narrative has doesn't turn into an avalanche going forward I would really appreciate it if you would be so kind as to read and review what I currently have here on RR.

The lesser races are mere pawns to be discarded and used. From their Kingdoms to their magic, they are allowed to exist for one purpose alone, to serve. But, to serve unwillingly breeds contempt, and with contempt comes war. It has been sixteen years since the last Allanian Revolution led by the Crimson Queen. Although defeated, her shadow continues to loom over the land and sea. Remira, the daughter of the Crimson Queen, has been kept hidden within the snow-covered walls of Castle Everstone — until now.

After a plot derived from the Kings Court comes to fruition, Remira has found herself tricked into an arranged marriage with a monster. Desperate, afraid, and alone, Remira attempts an escape to the Ashensong, a land untouched by cruelty of the Inaresh, where she believes she can start her life over. Unwilling to jeopardize her freedom, Remira is prepared to use every tool at her disposal to ensure she arrives safely or risks living the rest of her life within a cage.

Thanks, and please keep up the good work on your end.

Re: Nimbus reviewing services.


I've actually thought about posting here for quite some time. Mainly because I can qualify my MCs as evil. However, it is more of a grey area actually. :) It is my prefered domain :)  

As with all things, I will be greedy :) 

Here are two of my stories, that I am, for the lack of a better word, trying to boost: 

Chosen of the Veiled God: Throne of Vega

The Regis Saga

Review both, one or none, it's all up to you. :) I only ask, that if you are not interested, to either PM me with a simple "no" or say so here. You know, so that I don't wait in suspense  :) 
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