Re: As a Reader how do you interpret reviews/rating/ranking/synopsis?


I've been reading for quite a while, but whenever i am done with my bookmarks and in need of a new story to read, i find myself sifting through everything available (reviews/rating/ranking/synopsis) but still find it hard to come up with '?courage?' to actually start reading.

I'm often turned off by high rating and reviews if stories are below 1k pages.
-(1k should be enough to have had the author come across his own pitfalls or drove himself into a corner and managed to fix-it/get-over-it/grow-from-it and still continue.)
I also prefer to read the lower rated reviews see if any of the critique resonates with my own preferences.
-(except 1 star reviews, unless there's many.)
Often i check the chapter intervals and look for gaps in release times.
-(with gaps its mostly if they been gone for months and then started up again, all while already low on chapter count.)

How do you do it? What do you look out for?