Re: My first 10 chapters: Volume 1 or just the Prologue?

I have a request for someone to advise me in my structuring.
I recently got my Webnovel "Tatzelwyrm" on here, making it the 4th place to post them (Wordpress blog, Inkitt, Webnovel and Royal Roads). I release a chapter a day, 2 on a sunday. I have 34 chapters already written so I have a lot of buffer and stuff later on that I already worked out.
But my issue is this: The first 10 chapters (~30k words) are my introduction, so to say, playing during the MC's childhood, and introducing a lot of the rules and elements. There are a few action parts, but overall, little is happening. The first Chapter as well as 7 and 8 are true action chapters, everything else is worldbuilding aand establishing characters. With the following chapters, I have a fight or action scene happening at least every three chapters. Now I am considering completely restructuring so that the first 10 chapters turn completely into flashbacks stuffed between the other chapters.
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Is there someone willing to look at my first 10 chapters and tell me if they are too boring? Or at least read until they loose interest and tell me why? No in-depth analysis needed.

Also, I feel like restructuring the first 10 chapters is a lot to take in. Is it advisable to do this late into the story?

As to why I speak of "Volumes": on Webnovel, chapters can be organized into volumes, which I used to label my story arcs (since it's an open-ended serialized story so far). Too bad no other platform can do that.

Re: My first 10 chapters: Volume 1 or just the Prologue?

As you are asking about the first ten chapters, then it sounds like you already know there are problems, and are looking for someone to confirm it for you.  In my opinion, I think you are right.  You could make the start of the story better.

If you've written 34 chapters, then your writing skills at chapter 34 is better than it was in Chapter 1.  Ten chapters is an extremely slow start, in my opinion.  Chapter 1 was pretty compelling, and with a little re-writing, could make a good Prologue, especially if you name Nannade rather than call her 'the girl'.  Then you could rewrite the start of Chapter 11 to transition forward in time, so the reader knows the girl has grown up, and has been trained by Garret and Elissa.  Flashbacks are great, they can break up chapters that don't have a lot going on, and they add depth in small, easily readable chunks without killing the flow of the story.  Also, you can skip lots of the 'boring' bits, while sharing the meaty, interesting parts as needed.  And it doesn't have to be laid out sequentially.  

You should always begin where your story starts.  If your story takes too long to start, you lose your readers' interest before they get to the good stuff.  Further, I'd consider re-writing your story description.  It is so vague that I have no idea what to expect out of the story.

As an author, restructuring anywhere from a few chapters to an entire book (or volume) is sometimes necessary.  I've written entire books that got scrapped because of structural issues.  I view writing as a craft that takes constant practice to hone.  That means rewrites happen.  It is never too late to rewrite.