Zak Wester Wrote:
thatCalamity Wrote: I tried something quick to flatten out the overly high contrast of the waves. (2 layers of the yellow border colour, one set to 70 opacity, hard light, then the next set to 60 screen)
I'd say keep the teal background, it helps it feel fresher than going monotone. 

Also I'd suggest just making the text a flat colour, while the 'cut out' effect is neat it makes it harder to read. Don't forget to zoom out and check how readable the cover is when it's a thumbnail!
this one looks good, I suggest the author use it, though perhaps not quite so flat, it definitely needs to be flatter but I think it should have some black to it, just not the crazy contrast the original had.

And yes make the name smaller.

Ditto! The second one is much better. The silloute of the woman is the focus of the cover, not the waves.