Re: Anyone willing to do a Review swap?

Hi, I'm looking for other authors who want to swap reviews. I'm willing to do complex reviews with detail and focusing on all aspects: Characters, Story, Style, and Grammar( though I'm not of much help in the last one).

If you are willing just send me a pm or reply here, whatever suits you best. 

Here is the link to my novel.

Re: Anyone wants to do a Review swap

livetotell Wrote: I'm an author that wants to swap reviews lol

I'll start reading your story today, it sounds interesting :)

Here's a link to my story, please do a honest review. If it's bad, tell me how and why, I'm here so that I can improve my writing, so thanks in advance.

I left you a review of your first 5 chapters. I hope you can learn from it.
You're free to take a look at my novel, but be warned, I'm about the do some major restructuring, so what is the first chapter today might not be the first chapter tomorrow. I'll be done with it by Friday, hopefully.

Re: Anyone wants to do a Review swap

Ken Raynous Wrote: If you are interested, here is mine:

Since you are going to recheck the first chapter, I guess I will wait a little longer to do my review of yours.

I am done restructuring. What previously been chapters 19 and 20, are now the new prologue chapters. the original chapters 1-5 have been released as 3-7. I'll upload several chapters in bulk over the next few days, so if you want more than 7 chapters to do a review on, just check back later.