Re: What do you like in dungeon core stories?

Anything that ISN'T dungeon faeries. x_X

But more seriously, I like the ones where the dungeon's goal is to keep the adventurers alive and use psychology to keep them coming back regularly.  Adventurers who are actually evil people can be quietly assassinated by the dungeon, but normal decent people who are making a living or training their skills in the dungeon should be regarded in a friendly way.

I also love parts where the dungeon is trying to figure out how to develop something not obviously useful into strong monsters.  Magical genetic engineering is the ultimate dungeon hobby, or maybe second after landscape design.

Re: What do you like in dungeon core stories?

natus_vincat Wrote: sunandshadow, I see... You prefer some kind of good dungeon core?

Yes - my hobby is game design, so when I think about creating dungeons I think that a great dungeon has to be a fun experience for the players and that the dungeon core, who is basically the game designer, should be fond of their players.  I have no problem with murderhobo stories but killing people is kind of too easy for a dungeon compared to a humanoid assassin.  A dungeon is a personal expression of creativity among other things, and it doesn't say much good about the main character if their dungeon is just one big deathtrap.  Artists want to create beautiful and impressive stuff and have that be appreciated by an audience, and the only available audience is dungeon delvers, so if you kill them off they aren't going to go around praising your architecture and dramatic waterfalls and pretty mini-dragons or whatever.

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natus_vincat Wrote: sunandshadow, thanks. I see... You prefer to create a dungeon core where the customers will return to you in the future with some intrigued friends?

Yes.  The adventurers should be like a funny soap opera for the dungeon core to watch, and the dungeon is happy to see its favorite characters come back for a new adventure, and get surprised by any changes the dungeon has made.

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Possumtail Wrote: Can someone explain what dungeon-core is to me? I've never heard of it before. Is it about sentient dungeons?

Yes it's about sentient dungeons - it's not dungeoncore like chipcore or metalcore music. :D  The concept that a dungeon is basically a magical organism with a crystal core or heart comes from games like Dungeon Keeper and Dungeons.  It's common for dungeon core stories to be reincarnation, transmigration, or self-insert stories where a modern human, a xianxia cultivator, or a fantasy creature gets reborn into a dungeon.  Less commonly, the main character might be a natural-born dungeon in a fantasy world where dungeons spawn regularly, or, at the other end of the spectrum the main character could be a human VRMMO player whose race/class is dungeon or dungeon keeper.

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Erroneous Wrote: I actually enjoy the development and resource management of dungeon building.

That I can agree with - dungeon building, like most game interface stories, has that nice strategic level where the main character has to invest time and effort into earning points to spend on skills, creatures, mutations, perks, or whatever.  And crafting materials, mana, money, space, dungeon floor requirements, class evolution requirements, etc. can also be a part of resource management and development.

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I want to start by saying that I do not like core stories because of the constant murder. Though I can still easily enjoy stories that include it, it doesn't really contribute much for me. No, I like core stories for the discoveries and the imagery. Something about underground ecosystems just really pleases me! I also greatly appreciate it when they research mechanics or magic.

Some would say that hurts the plot, and I agree. But frankly, I just don't care.