Re: Making FREE Book Covers (Edits or Artwork)

Updated Notice 1/5/20: No longer making cover requests due to college, job, family, and personal responsibilities.

Old Notice: I'm not currently accepting anymore 'cover art' requests, but I can still do edited cover requests. See Post #16.


Yup, you read right. 100% Free.

TLDR: Skip to Edited or Cover Art Forms and fill out one or both. I reserve the right to reject requests if too difficult, time consuming, or inappropriate.
The turn around period for cover art requests that I accept varies cover to cover and on my current schedule; it can be from one week (which is unlikely) to well more than a month. Edited covers will most likely be no longer than a week based on the number of requests.

Since RR seems to be a nice place for artists and people seeking book covers, I figured I could practice my skills here. I've been on and off graphic design and digital drawing for the past 5 years, but I'd say I'm decent even when I'm rusty.

You can request either or both edited or digitally drawn covers. Because I don't have unlimited free time, I'll only take on cover art requests if I'm really interested in both the story and the requested design. Thus, you can submit both forms in case I'm unable to do the cover art version. 

Story Requirements:
  • 50+ Pages
  • 10+ Followers

Edited Cover Form
RR Story (with link/linked):
Title and Author Name Font(s) (what kind of font do you want? provide examples/description or directly link a specific one, or you can just leave it up to me):
Images to Edit (provide links of all images--characters, scenery, effects, etc.--that you want in the cover or to serve as references):
Desired Composition (how do you want the images and text edited into a cohesive cover?):

The more detailed your description, the better. Provide multiple image possibilities if you're unsure. For example, there are lots of brown haired, brown eyed girls, but maybe you're unsure which images of said girl would compliment the cover more.


Cover Art Form
RR Story (with link/linked):
Title and Author Name Font(s) (what kind of font do you want? provide examples/description or directly link a specific one):
Desired Artwork (describe what you want me to draw; include colors, poses, background, composition, effects, etc.):

Again, the more description the better. Provide image examples or references if you want, too. Some details may not make it onto the cover depending on the composition and balance of the overall cover. Depending on my enthusiasm, I may go all out on your cover, or just keep it semi-serious.


For free fonts besides the "common" ones found in Word or other document apps, suggestions:

For free/royalty free images, suggestions:

Of course, there's Google and Pinterest and tons others that may or may not be free~
I only suggest using free images if you do or think you'll commercialize your story.

Disclaimer: I have edited other graphics, but I haven't specifically edited for book covers all that much. However, I'm capable of editing dozen of images into one as well as changing colors and adding effects.

EXAMPLES (All images are resized smaller, open image in a new tab to view them larger):
Spoiler: Covers I made for my story
Spoiler: Traditional (Non-Digital) Artwork
OR scroll through the thread to see other requests made.

Now let's see if anyone will actually bite. XD

Re: Making FREE Book Covers (Edits or Artwork)

Since everything is from more than a year ago, I literally JUST created this example piece today. It took me.... a long ass time.

I formatted this as request, so it can serve as an example. This is probably more complicated than what you might request (I sincerely hope). What I learned from this? Don't try squeezing so much in one picture as it's harder to balance them all. *sigh*

Edited Cover
RR Story:
Title and Author Name Font(s):  Blacksword, from Dafont. (Title) Bodoni Old Style (Author)
Images to Edit: 6
Girl 1
Girl 2
Girl 3
Background 1
Background 2

Desired Composition: Use Girl 1 as the body, Girl 2 for the hair, and Girl 3 for the face. Girl 1's weapon should be swapped out for the new weapon given. Blend background 1 and 2 into one and focus on the castle town and waterfall in BG 1 and use the huge ring in BG 2. Put the title on the top part of the huge ring. The author name should be in all caps at the very top and smaller than the title size.

Spoiler: Finished Cover + Process

Re: Making FREE Book Covers (Edits or Artwork)

Wow. I wish I could draw like that....

I wish I could draw at all....

Well, I want to at least try to submit for this. I write my own stories (and i'm about to start releasing a third) and do edits for other people's stories. Currently I have a cover for my first book which has over 110 followers and 15,000 views (created by one of the people I edit for, Laty, who's animation style I like as well), but my second one doesn't. It's not been released for too long, so it only has 30 followers, about 1,500 views. Hoping you like it, because that's the one i'm requesting for. The description of the book is on the page, so other than that just message me if you want to know something else.

PS: I salute you for announcing you'll do free art. I know personally and have friends who can say how hard it is.

Onto the needed stuff!

Cover Art Form
An Author's New View:
Font Type: Something like the google docs lobster font, but with a little touch of fantasy. How to interpret that is up to your jurisdiction. For author name, just put whatever you think works best with that, since I got no taste.

This is what the MC Aaron looks like, except hazel eyes instead of red, and his hair is more messy (Still combs downwards though). For clothing, he wears a thick, black long sleeve turtle neck over his dark tan jeans. His body is built enough to show muscle, yet not bulky like a wrestler's, or any pro sport player. He wears durable military boots (you'll see why), his right on having a sheath for a swiss army knife. Pic of MC

There are many more characters, but another important character is a fairy called Aianwee. Blond hair, and a clear, slightly blue dress, and blue eyes. About size C in cup size, she can be an adult size or 8 inches tall. Her hair style can either be the one presented or a ponytail with a bit of hair going over her right eye. Pic of SC 

The scene takes place with Aaron looking over a mountain top, lush forest below, large creatures barely seen throughout the forest. He is a good distance away from the cover, but still clearly visable. At his feet, the cliff ends, showing the forest to be about as far down as the cover for the example Canaan (Really liked the depth perspective, couldn't find images for it though). In the far upper left background is a mountain range while to the right, not as far off as the mountains is a road leading to civilization. His back is turned to the cover, but his face is turned so that you can see half of it, the visible eye looking towards the cover. His right hand holds a freshly closed book while his other one is in his pocket, his face giving a small smirk. Aianwee, in 8 inch form, has closed eyes on his should, one leg to her chest while the other is just dangling off, her head resting against his. Behind him and to the right is a large adventurer's bag, with all sorts of supplies (Again, up to your jurisdiction if any is even showing at all), specifically there being a black rod, sword in it's sheath, and stirrup crossbow next to it. Most of those pictures should be in one of my later chapters, chapter 6. Anything else to make it prettier is up to you!

Whew, I tried to get it real specific there. If there is anything too hard or time consuming, just don't do it. Again, there are other characters, but until I actually put the entire thing out, I won't actually let the cover have more than those two. If you need anything, just message me, including if you want your stories edited! (Yes, I have experience doing that, and I can get you proof if you message me due to confidentiality of who I edit)

Thanks again for even bothering to read through this. Art can be tiresome, as well as enjoyable, but most of all frustrating when you can't get it just right. I just saw how skilled you were, so I wanted to try out.

So, uhh.... peace out?

Re: Making FREE Book Covers (Edits or Artwork)


Thank you! It certainly does take a lot of work even when it looks simple! Besides execution, a lot of thought goes into pieces as well as refining it at the end.
Sounds good! Lucky you being the first, so that means I'll accept it! X3 The detailed description is good, but note that I may or may not be able to include all details/elements depending on the balance and framing of the cover "scene" (like whether that Swiss knife will make it in or not lol!). Interestingly enough, if I were to make cover artwork for my series, I planned a cliff scene too, but I didn't find anything suitable for the edited version, so it ended up like it is now.

Since it's the end of the month and the middle of the week, I'll most likely have it done by the end of the weekend/the beginning of the month.

Re: Making FREE Book Covers (Edits or Artwork)

Hi there, cool art. I would like to request an edited cover.

Eterna's Source, 200 pages, 918 followers 

I commissioned a stylized infinity symbol to go with my story that I would like to be incorporated into the cover, which be found on Dropbox (the link to which I PM'd you). I would basically like a better-looking version of the story's current cover. The symbol and the font should be silver, with sky blue as the main background colour. The font should look very calligraphic but still be legible (currently the E and the S of the title are different from the rest of the font). I actually really like your minimalistic cover, and would be happy with whatever your ideas for the background might be.
Let me know if you're interested in doing this, thanks!

Re: Making FREE Book Covers (Edits or Artwork)

REQUEST Complete~!


I had to change a lot from your description because it was impossible to fulfill everything and make it balanced as well as maintain the key important elements.


  • Aaron cannot have his back to the viewer because Aianwee won't be seen (only her hair, wings, and her back would). Additionally, he must be closer to the viewer or else Aianwee will like speck on his shoulder -> This means that anything on the ground or Aaron from the hips down won't be seen.

  • Aaron will now face sideways with Aianwee on his shoulder as desired, the book is still in his right hand, but his left hand in his pocket doesn't look right in the composition, so it's just hanging down (basically unseen).

  • Forest had to be pretty simple because it would look too crowded, the same with the mountains and middle ground.

  • A road to somewhere couldn't be put in because based on the dimensions it would be a literal squiggly line. As Aaron's on a cliff and the mountaintops are visible, then anything in the distance is technically "blurred" due to distance. The only way a road could be seen and fit "right" into the picture would be if he was on the road, or just not on a cliff.

I didn't realize until I tried putting details in that a lot wouldn't work or "make sense" in terms of arrangement and "real life." XD I also tried a different style, a sketchy style with just soft shading like watercolor. I also did two versions of the text with the Lobster font and an Oldstyle font because of trying to balance the composition (Aaron on the left is a very heavy focus, so something needs to fill the right in order to balance it). Fun fact: I wrote the name of Aaron's book on the book drawn. ;)

I worked on triple the size of covers (1200x1600), but you can shrink it down to RR cover size of 400x600 if wanted. Actually, I typed 1600 instead of 1800, so I had to reformat everything to be in the ratio of 400x600 at the end (1067x1600), whoops. Hopefully it doesn't look too squished, but I provided both the original and the resized (since other websites have different cover dimensions).

Spoiler: 1200x1600 Original

Spoiler: 1067 x 1600 Resized

Let me know which one of the two text compositions that you liked best, or if you have trouble sizing it down because the file is to big for RR.
Whew~ that took longer than expected since it's been quite a while time since I last drew. >_<

Re: Making FREE Book Covers (Edits or Artwork)

REQUEST Complete~!


Since the synopsis said it was a romance heavy fantasy, I made the background a little romantic and mystical with a sky blue atmosphere. Also, Eterna reminded me of a forest, so I kinda brought the two together. I arranged the logo in three different ways. This was also my first time making fonts and logo metallic. Let me know which version you like, or if the background is ok!

The pictures are shown in 400x600, but you can view the image larger in another screen.
Also, you can't tell on the forums with a white background, but there's a white border around it the cover. The logo was also arranged to pop and almost come out of the cover.

Spoiler: Horizontal
Spoiler: Vertical
Spoiler: Diagonal
EDIT: *Ignore the last two which I didn't fix. I didn't notice the u changed back to an "e" after I first made the mistake and fixed it. x_x I like Ctrl Z a lot, and sometimes I stop at the wrong point. When the file title is correct, but the cover title is wrong... T_T How do I miss these things orz. 

Re: Making FREE Book Covers (Edits or Artwork)

Just thought I'd share an edited cover I made today~
It's my first shot at a darker theme.

Paraphrasing the requester, one pretty asian boy wearing 1925 English young gentlemen garb in a Peaky Blinders psychological action theme!

The bright youthful face in a dark theme is interesting contrast, aha.
Boy looks like he's cosplaying lool!

Here're the images used:

Title Font: Engebrechtre Regular
Author Font: Spinwerad C

About a dozen and a half layers used with some drawing and shading.
Hours Worked: ~3-4 hours

Spoiler :

Re: Making FREE Book Covers (Edits or Artwork)


I appreciate very much you spending your time to draw/create/edit cover art for people in RR, your art is really cool. I wanted to ask if you'd be willing to draw a cover photo for my novel, I tried to draw mine, but, didn't really end up as a human \o/

I currently got ~900 views and 50 followers, hopefully things will get better, I'll be (obviously) crediting you as it's the least I can do.

Cover Art Form
RR Story: Cassandra
Title and Author Name Font(s) (what kind of font do you want? provide examples/description or directly link a specific one):

Desired Artwork (describe what you want me to draw; include colors, poses, background, composition, effects, etc.):
Character Description: red eyes, oval face, black hair reaching shoulders, small nose, red lips, pale-white skin and medium size chest, long smooth legs, and slender arms and a black scar running between the chests. [As in described in the Novel]

What I thought about is like showing her face with slight of her breasts appearing to show scar (just a little tease., the scar opens slightly to reveal a red eye (similar to sauron eye from lotr), black halo above her face, with a very vague image of a black-orb in the middle of it (kinda transparent).

Her hair cascading down her shoulders, two raven wings spreading from her back, her eyes are expressionless but having a cold smile on her lips. A couple of dark icicles floating behind her.

The back ground tbh I can not imagine it much, maybe a blood mist will be plenty enough for it.

I got a photo kinda similar to what i see the MC as, please tell me if you'd like me to send it.
I am kinda awkward, sorry for this.

Re: Making FREE Book Covers (Edits or Artwork)


Mmm, don’t worry about the awkwardness, it wasn’t. (:
However, I don’t think I can do this cover art. It has a lot of details that seem really important that I couldn’t simplify. And adding them all in, I know already, is going to be a hassle and time eater for me.

Another option is either make the details way less complex, or I can edit a lot of pictures together to get that original amount of details described (given that you have pictures/images I can use).

If you have other concerns or thoughts, feel free to PM.

Re: Making FREE Book Covers (Edits or Artwork)

Discussed and decided that I will accept the last posted cover art request.

Due to time constraints and RL matters, I won’t be accepting any more Cover Art requests, but Edited Covers are still available for requesting. 

And here’s my last edited cover request using the two images below:
Phoenix Tattoo
Fire Burst

I did two compositions for title text since this request proved to be rather tricky considering the importance of the tattoo as a center icon and the long title. Colors was also an issue considering the detail of the BG given and the logos.

Spoiler :


Re: Making FREE Book Covers (Edits or Artwork)

@l nimbus

For edited covers (images are provided), I'm still open to accepting requests.

But for now, playcanon's request will be the last I take for cover art (drawn by my hand, no outside images used) until further notice. As it is, I won't be able to complete that request until the college semester is over (in a week). I estimate I probably won't open cover art requests until a few weeks later or more.