Re: What powers must have zombie MC?

Donno, don’t want to write your story for you.  The first question I would ask is “why do zombies eat brains, shamble, lurch, and groan.” Then build your powers around that.  I.e. in izombie, zombies eat brains to get memories.  Maybe something like that.  In a litRPG world maybe eating a certain amount of something increases a stat.  Let’s say zombies when they are born are incredibly weak.  Say they start with a 3 in all their stats.  The only way they can kill something is by joining a zombie hoard and attacking en mass. If an individidual zombie eats an arm or a leg they get a boost of +1 to strength or endurance or adgility. If they eat a brain they get a +1 to intelligence or wisdom.

As they get stronger they have to leave the hoard since while it is easier to kill in a group it is also harder to feed.  When they get to a certain strenth they also start gettng skills from the people they eat.  The skills are also basic until they eat enough people with that skill to level it up.

So let’s say a zombie with a 0 in pistol eats someone with a 5 in pistol there is a certain random chance that they get a 1 in pistol.  Then they eat someone with a 3 in pistol  and there is a certain random chance their pistol increases to 2 then they eat smeone with a skill of 1 in pistol, they have no chance in ranking their skill up since they already have a 2 skill and the person they ate only has a 1.  Of course they could also get a random useless skill like sandstone carving or beer making.
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