Re: Gender Bender?

Are Gender Bender tags out now?

They used to be kind of fun if done right. And they used to not go so far in bending the envelope. But in the last 3 years, there's been so much social warfare in society that I wanted to probe if people still like them or if they have had enough?

Particularly the social warfare and upheaval going on right now makes me wonder if trying to do them anymore, even with a conservative approach is just going to be trouble?

Thanks, for respondors. 

Also, can moderators start stopping the revenge reviews? I'm really tired of people throwing tantrums and giving me 0 star reviews, or 0.5. 

Re: Gender Bender?

I don't know if I fully understood your question, so I'll just assume that it's about something like "transferred to another world with a changed gender".

I think the problem is that often the change of gender does not contribute much to the novel, and it is just to be here. If this is the case, why write something like this? It would be easier to write a character with the same gender from beginning to end.

Nor do I think that "social warfare" has anything to do with it. If such a novel was written well and the concept of gender shift was implemented correctly, I don't see why it should bother somebody.

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