Re: How much time until upload?

So I'm new to this website (obviously) and ,long story short, I will be uploading a 2 year-old story around June. 

Now two years are...well...a lot. And we also wrote like...a lot! 

So my question is: "At what rate must I upload each chapter/part, call it whatever you like?" Like, is there a de facto average in RoyalRoad? Do I have any limitations, as to how many I can upload in a day/week/month? If I upload a part every day, are the readers going to keep track with it? Or do I need to make it like 'one or two a week'?

Thank you.

Re: How much time until upload?

If I understand you correctly, then you already have a finished product. So why do you need to wait until June and not publish it now?

Normally, a new author doesn't need to have a complete work before starting to publish in RR, although I advise them to write enough for ten to twenty chapters before officially posting their work in the site to give themselves some buffer.

Once they have a buffer of chapters, I advise that you publish a chapter every day for an entire week to give yourself some exposure, because the opportunity to market your work for free is very limited. Also, I advised that an ideal chapter is anywhere from 1k to 6k words per chapter. casual readers tend to have only that much attention span, especially for new stories. Of course, once they consider your work as one of the hot ones then they could not get enough of it.

Either way, after the first week or ten days, you don't need to continue publishing it on a daily basis. I especially do not advise posting more than once a day. A story is like a wine, you sip it, not gulp it down. 

Once exposing your work, it is best to publish it on a rate that you are comfortable with. Publish it either daily, twice or 3x a week or even once a week. By this time, you will have your core audience and only quality matters. If the readers don't like your work then it doesn't matter if you publish ten chappys a day, but if they like it, they will wait even if you post once a month.
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