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I read a looooot of books on this site, and many others. Obviously one of the main tropes I see a lot of is someone dying on earth and being reincarnated/transported to another world, typically fantasy. Since I see it so often, I've noticed a pattern in what authors tend to write their characters as. But the human mind is tricksy, and so I don't trust that the pattern is true, and it's not just me ignoring all the other times where it's not been in the pattern. SO!! I made a poll to suss out what YOU, that's right YOU, would want to be reincarnated as in a fantasy world. 

I don't know if anyone has done this before, but I couldn't find anything in my quick 5 minute google search session. It's only 8 questions long, 4 multiple choice, 4 text boxes, with only the multiple choice being required. I'd appreciate it if you could take a few minutes and do the poll, and I'll post the poll results here on April 2nd (So as not to get mixed up in all the April Fools nonsense).


Re: Poll on what you'd reincarnate into

No offense, but I felt that the poll was severely lacking in a few areas, I had to make a LOT of assumptions about the world that I was in.

I chose to be a Dragon, I chose to focus on both Physical and Magical attributes, I chose to wield a spear, and I chose to live my life as I please.

Now, the problems.
Firstly, what kind of fantasy world are we talking about? A world with a stat/level system?
    This is a big question, and really impacts how I would answer. Does focusing on physical affect how much damage I can take and shrug off? Would a dragons fire breath be considered Physical or Magical? If so, would focusing on the Physical side of things power up my fire breath, so it becomes hotter than plasma later down the line?

Secondly, what exactly do these races do in this fantasy universe? Would choosing the Dragon race allow me to become humanoid later down the line, thanks to magic or an inherent bloodline power?
    This is important to consider, because how would a Dragon even wield a weapon if he could not become a humanoid?

It was a nice poll, and it was interesting to see the answers of others despite the questions feeling very vague. I felt like adding 'Dragon' as one of the options was a slightly poor move, it had 13 votes, in terms of power, it really left all the other races in the dust and I am fairly sure that if it was made a point that they can transform into humanoid forms later down the line (so romance and enjoying human past times is possible, which to be honest, is incredibly common in other stories and is probably what we would want personally as well, who doesn't like a bit of love in their life?), a lot more would have chosen it. It's a darn dragon for crying out loud, no one likes dying as a fragile human or elf and Dragons typically have a much higher starting point as soon as they reincarnate (realistically, most reincarnated individuals would probably die on their first day to some weak mobs).

Re: Poll on what you'd reincarnate into

25% of people are certifiably insane.

Lacking an inkling of life, they have but the barest of grasps upon the essence of grandeur. Content they are with their wretched selves, their mortal ken, their misery. They choose their own destruction. To the whims of decay they trudge. With a slack faced smile, they choose the unthinkable. Human.

(I chose beastman, but dragon was tempting. To ye who said "ditto" - sir, I salute thee)