Re: Using Daz 3D for Book Covers

Any image tool can be used to make a cover in any quality, but as always the quality depends on the skills of the artist using it.

Contrary to the poster above I've seen good covers done with DAZ3D - covers where you didn't even see a difference to a photo.
But that requires an artist who knows how to use the program because without that knowledge any result will easily be detected as such.

And yes, there are tutorials on that - but no tutorial for any such program will turn a beginner into a professional over night, it always takes months and years to gain the required experience. For example one of the artist I know that does make those good pictures? She studied art at an university for several years and has books like "300 pages on how to use light in a scene" lying around for references (no that was not the actual title but a description).

So yes, DAZ Studio can be used - but no, it is not a shortcut that gives you a better cover without any effort.

Re: Using Daz 3D for Book Covers

I would take a moment to mention makehuman here over daz 3d if its basic human renders your looking for.
The reason why is its clearly stated you can make profit from rendered images in this program without crediting them anything.
Daz 3d isnt so "generous" in its terms and conditions you will find clauses that pertain to comecial profits that put apple to shame.
Needless to say you can still make it and its mostly jargons thats "ignored" but should your efforts become profitable that may well change.
In daz 3ds defence I can say i havent heard of them taking others to court often if at all though I did read the terms and conditions and its a chance they can.
Anothers program I'd recommend is blender and did I mention MH integrates as if it was born to work with blender ? 
The google warehouse is a good spot for 3d models but each will have its own terms and conditions read carefully before you use them.
Finally in case you want to rig easy a model that looks awesome in the warehouse.
 I tend to use mixamo a online 3d rigging site that  is laughably easy to use and allows for models to be rigged and altered into a good pose set and once again the terms and conditions are free'er and the quality is better depending on your 3d model choice.

Lastly im not 100% sure if the latest MH build includes it but there is an anime style character option that output a better then average anime girl.
Aversion of reality on facebook has some neat tutorials for that if you need help in rendering it nicely in blender.

Re: Using Daz 3D for Book Covers

This is awesome and easy software!
easy enough for beginners to make great 3D art and animations and demanding enough for power users. The rigging and animation features are outstanding. If you have ever tried to rig, weight and animate a character in MAYA you can for get all of that. This is the simplest, easiest means available to accomplish all of tasks with professional results, fewer sleepless nights, all consuming anxiety and no head banging on the desk as a dreaded deadline looms.
DAZ Studio 3D: Fast, Reliable, Powerful and an absolute pleaseure to use.