Re: LitRPG Stat/Source of Power (like Mana) help required!!!


Hi, so I have recently started to write just a basic RPG system outline for a game I might want to try code or write idk and I have run into a bit of trouble.
Now, this trouble is surprisingly not related to stat names and their uses, but more related to something like mana. 
Allow me to explain.
So, in my system there will be a total of 12 attributes/stats (haven't decided name yet), these 12 attributes being split evenly into 3 groups.
The groups and the stats under them are as classified below:


Physical: Stats relating to the physical state of the character. [Stamina]

> Strength: The character's muscular strength.

> Constitution: The character's ability to withstand and resist physical forces.

> Vitality: The character's ability to regenerate their physical body.

> Agility: The character's balance, dexterity and reactive ability.

Mental: Stats relating to the magical and mental state of the character. (Mana)

> Intelligence: The character's ability to be logical and solve the unsolvable.

> Perception: The character's ability to comprehend their surroundings and perceive the unperceivable.

> Intuition: The character's instincts and their ability to predict the unpredictable.

> Wisdom: The characters' ability to see the world for what it is and read the unreadable.

Spirit: Stats relating to the emotions and will of the character. [????]

> Willpower: The character's strength of Will, their ability to resist the irresistable.

> Discipline: The characters ability to remain calm in even the most chaotic situations, to reason with anarchy.

> Invigoration: The character's ability to recover from even the strongest of shocks, to regenerate from complete ruin.

[size=medium]> Tenacity: The character's ability to stay strong in even the most hopeless of situations, to find peace in depsair.


Now, these are just the 12 basic attributes, with more specific ones being unlocked depending on other things. 

As you can see, I have [Stamina] and [Mana] next to their relevant stat categories, but I honestly have no clue on what the name should be for the spirit category's power. 
I have debated things like Aura and Will, but Aura is what is used by "The Arcane Emperor" on RRL and Will just sounds a bit off. 
To explain what each of the three powers will do,


The common stamina bar used in every RPG around. This simply is the physical state of the character. Consuming it can boost the physical prowess of the character which is where it is unique to my system. fighting physically uses none of this stamina unless the character consumes it to boost their physical prowess. 

It is consumed the fastest, but it has the highest regeneration to make up for it. To compare to a similar game, it is similar to the "Energy" used in WoW in that it regenerates fast and generally gets consumed quickly.


Like the common Mana/Magicka bar in most RPG's; my system's Mana is the balanced one of the trio. Regeneration is in the middle and it is generally consumed slower than energy. Due to the nature of my system, there is no "Mana bar" so to speak, but more along the lines of the maximum amount of mana in the surroundings that can be controlled by a character. 
The power of Mana is generally in the middle as well and has the most flexibility in its use. There is a limit to how much Mana a character can use consistently because their mental faculties will have a limit as well.

Third Power:

This one is different to the above two. It is consumed the slowest and cannot become passively recovered. To put it simply, it is how strong the will of the character is. Even the strongest of Wills can be worn down and regaining your determination is incredibly hard, especially in stressful circumstances. 
This means that this source of power is similar to rage from other games in theoretical use, but still very different in its practical application. While Rage is used for burst attacks after a slow build, that is more in line with the usage of stamina in my system. 
However, this third power is one made mainly for endurance battles and such. It has the most power behind it, is a self-enhancer and telekinetic (possibly) based power that is harder to control than the other two sources of 


There you go, if you have any suggestions can you please comment.

If you comment, I thank you in advance.

The name is Great isn't it?
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Re: LitRPG Stat/Source of Power (like Mana) help required!!!

I've run into this problem quite a few times myself! Basically I think the best thing to do is run through a lot of random generators and a lot of google translate for inspiration. Then imagine your characters saying it in a semi-serious context. This sorta helps me, but just randomly brainstorming usually does the trick.

Stamina probably doesn't need any name, but Mana could or couldn't depending on the type of RPG. Whenever you come up with a name for something that replaces a common word, the brain takes a little while longer to register it. It can be a huge burden to constantly remind the audience of it's name. So picking a quick and snappy one would be best, sometimes even something as simple as energy or magicka is good enough.

As for the third power, I'm not too sure on a specific name, but maybe try something a bit longer and more illusive. Something along the lines of that may do

Sorry if this was of no help to you whatsoever ^^;

Re: LitRPG Stat/Source of Power (like Mana) help required!!!

Interesting concept. :D 
Here are my suggestions for the spirit category power:
-- Grit
-- Fortitude
-- Indomitable Meter (adding this based on your description of the spirit category power, but also because I thought it sounded cool. :p)
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Re: LitRPG Stat/Source of Power (like Mana) help required!!!

See for that I would have named the third energy spirit, as it is a generally all encompassing term for mental/spiritual energy with more inclination towards boosting yourself mentally with determination nation than for use as magic 

Eg. The young man was filled with determination, his eyes burning with spirit... ect. 

Just a suggestion but I would also include things like killing intent ( a form of spiritual pressure) and I’d also suggest you stay away from including telekinesis and things like that within its power as that crosses too much with mana for my liking. 

Re: LitRPG Stat/Source of Power (like Mana) help required!!!

My suggestion for the "Spirit" category would be morale.  I feel like morale hits a lot of the categories.

Morale can easily be whittled down, and hard to regain—yet individuals with higher morale find it easier to overcome their challenge. Morale is something hard to recover unless a series of good events brings it back up. It also falls in line for endurance battles, the higher the morale, the longer you tend to stick around—yet if that morale crumbles then you feel less into it, probably causing mistakes or attacking sluggishly and weakly.