Re: In need of a Mentor/ open ear. (LitRPG)

Salutations and humble greetings,
     Newish writer here, by newish I mean I start a lot of projects but never seem to finish. My wife can attest to this with her acute observance of the mounds of notebooks I collect. Hopefully this time is the first time. To finally finish what I started. To see the journeys end and what not. So I've recently discovered the genre of LitRPG and it has added a whole new aspect to things I want to write about. I have always had some aspect of the genre in my ideas and half finished writing but did not know it was actually a thing. I'm looking for someone to bounce ideas off of since what I have in mind I have not come across yet and don't have a good point of reference. There may be one out there but I have not run across it yet.
I do have to warn you ahead of time. I am not the greatest grammatically. While I like to think that practice makes perfect I simply wrote what I thought to get it out. So there was not much practice to perfect. I have discord, email, or direct messaging for means of contact. I do most of my work through scrivener but I can send word docs or pdfs if there is something that needs to be passed for reading or review.
Thank-you for any and all help. 

Re: In need of a Mentor/ open ear. (LitRPG)

So what are you looking for?  Someone who has read a lot of LitRPG to bounce ideas off?  Someone to proofread your work?Someone to tell you what to do to make what you write better.

Your best bet is simply to write and hope people like what you’ve writter.

If I do have one suggestion, I would reread your mentor request and start there.  It is awkward, wordy, and goes in a dozen directions but never actually gets to the point.

Re: In need of a Mentor/ open ear. (LitRPG)

Consider joining White's Lecture Hall Here
Scheduling, appointments, and other such matters can and are discussed after enrollment. Enrollment only persists until the subject deems they no longer require the defined, and offered, services, which remains free throughout.

Or otherwise begin by requesting specific guides on topics you may find that yourself lacking Here


I can wave the released word-count requirement on a case-by-case basis. 

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