Re: Satire?

So I've always enjoyed reading satire novels, especially on RRL, because novels in this genre tend to have more unique settings.

These novels usually also know how to balance the line between humour and seriousness, ensuring you don't quit the book because you hate everyone and everything in the book as well as making sure you don't leave because it's boring.

But frankly, it's real hard to find good satirical novels these days and when I decided to look elsewhere for satire novels I realised I don't know what satire is.

I mean I know, and researched, what satire is, about how it's suppose to be a parody/making fun of tropes and cliches, but I don't know what makes a satirical novel a satire novel. 

I know probably no one will answer me but I'm just curious. Thx for reading.


What makes a novel satirical?

Re: Satire?

Satire and humor don't have to overlap, although they often do. Satire usually means that the novel is ridiculing or otherwise highlighting the follies and shortcomings of something (around these parts that does typically mean it's mocking or exaggerating genre tropes and cliches). A classic satirical method is to take something, crank all the dials up to 11, and allow the resulting ridiculousness to speak for itself. As mentioned already, another method would be to take something that is inherently ridiculous and juxtapose it with a more realistic setting or behaviors to highlight its absurdity (my own WIP about a kid discovering he's a manga protagonist arguably falls into this camp; link in signature if you care to check it out ;) ).

Not sure if that helps or not, but figured it might be provide further context for satire.

Re: Satire?

Satire is a really good genre, especially historically. Even if it's possible to fall into the traps of the media you're making fun of, if it's done intelligently it can create an amazing plot.

Especially when satire naturally finds it's way as an aspect or character. Sometimes even to play off the characters that exist in the plot they're in. It can freshen up a story so well when it's done right!