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I'd be thrilled if people would check out my work and give feedback/ratings/reviews! My current project is a space opera/sci-fantasy series  - I pitch it as "King Arthur meets Star Wars meets Dune" or just "King Arthur in space, with a girl Arthur." The initial arc is a trilogy (though I have rough plans for more stories in this setting) of which books one and two are both completely written; I'm uploading them here a chapter a day, currently part way through book one. 

Title: Realm of the Stars Volume I: The Unclaimed Crown 

Genre: Fantasy/sci-fi/space opera 


Longer Synopsis: 

The first volume of a space opera/science fantasy trilogy inspired by the Arthurian mythos! 

The Kingdom of the Dozen Stars is divided. After the assassination of its queen, its throne stands empty; the council of dukes jockey among themselves for power, while beyond the Kingdom's borders, its old enemies prepare themselves to strike. 

Arta ast Katanes is the adopted daughter of a minor nobleman. She dreams of more than a life of obscurity on her remote planet, but her journey will take her farther than she imagines, and uncover truths about herself beyond anything she has guessed. 

Mardoban ast Orlanes is the most powerful of the Kingdom's dukes, but as as his nation fractures he will be drawn into conflict with enemies whose schemes run deeper than he knows. 

In time, their paths will cross, secrets will be revealed, and the stars themselves will shake... 

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please check it out - and again, feedback is appreciated! 

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Hey everyone!  I joined as an author not too long ago and would love any feedback on the story I have been posting.  I have 4 chapters up so far and plan on releasing at least 1 chapter every other day from here on out, if possible.  I hate to be the schmuck saying, "Read my stuff! Read my stuff!" but alas here I am...  Now that my pride is mostly gone I really would appreciate more of you reading my stuff! Ha.  No but really...

Anyways Happy New Year everyone!  Let's make this one a good one here on Royal Road!!

Here's the link:

Thanks a million!


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I recently updated my fic's description so this is as good a chance as any to see if it works. :)

Genre: Horror

Quote:It is the final days after the end of the world and you only have one month left before the last sanctuary erupts into chaos. There's a dead body hanging from a tree and cadaverous giants watch you sleep at night. The end is already here, you just don't know it yet.

Palus Somni (‘Marsh of Sleep’) is a worldbuilding webnovel about what happens when your God forsakes you.

Inspired by gothic horror and mingled with British myth and folklore, join the Alucinari nuns as they struggle with day-to-day life after the world has ended.

Every night when the sun sets the monstrous Gol, colossal beings with too many teeth, awake and roam the marshlands. Only those with a faithful heart will be spared. Young acolyte Wille has never seen the walls fail, but when a fellow nun is murdered within their sanctum the very safety of the monastery is thrown into question. Did the Gol find a way to breach their defences, or is there a human traitor amongst them? The answer lies both far in the past and deep beneath the earth, through the maze of ancient catacombs.

With a cast of over thirty different characters, watch as your friends and enemies spiral into inevitable madness in the hands of a callous and unforgiving world. Discover the secrets of Palus Somni through letters, diary entries and notes found scattered across the monastery. Uncover the mystery of the grotesque giants that stalk the night and bring your challenge to the Gods themselves.

Each character has their own hand-drawn pixel art, and every update includes a music recommendation for a dark atmospheric or dungeon synth album that you can listen to while you read.

Art and lore updates can be found on the main website:

Story updates every full moon. Extra lore information is often included at the end of a chapter.

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I've just finished my novel. It's a fantasy story with plenty of romance and action, along with traditional Chinese elements mixed in it. I hope you enjoy~

"Driven by hatred, Song fights to free him and his partner of the Shadow Palace's clutches. Though he yearns for a life free of killing, his Lord has other plans for him."
Link to my novel here:

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Hi all,

Please take a look at my first story! It's your basic isekai story but apparently "high-quality vanilla" or whatever my first reviewer meant by that...

Filled with fantasy, action, adventure, cooking, tropes, stupid puns, randomness...wait, those last few aren't selling it well. Anyways...

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Hello all I figured I might as well join the train. I have been working on this slowly for awhile now.

Genre: Fantasy, Anti-hero, Female lead, Magic, Slice of life, Slavery. and more.

After years of fighting against some of her adopted society’s core values. Nita caves and gets her slave-masters brand. What follows is the story of the consequences of her decision. And the resulting adventure as she works to fit it into her increasingly shaky moral framework. Meanwhile back home her aunt Moira desperately searches for her missing niece.

[ltr]Link: [/ltr]

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FIRST of all, you are a crazy person for this.
SECOND, I dig it wholeheartedly. 
THIRD, if you manage to make it this far in your now incredibly stacked list of content then I thank you. 


*Fantasy, Magic, Gore*

For some, being human is easy. For others, it takes their entire life to figure it out. Not everyone fits in, and that is especially true for James. However, as fate would have it, he no longer needs to worry about that. Instead he finds himself thrust into a world of magic and mythical beings he swore couldn’t exist, seemingly overnight! He thought life was difficult before, what will he think now?  


*Fantasy, Magic, Gore* (I honestly did not think I would have gore tags for these until I considered posting them. The things you miss when you aren't looking.)

The world is sick. The weak are stepped on by those with power and there is no one to stop them. Down to the very last one, the magical beings known as Immortals are all evil. As if that wasn't a bad enough world for him to be born in his parents also named him Villain! Powerless as he thinks he is, he still decides to take action in order to save the one person he cares about. Will it go the way he hopes or has fate planned a little more for him? 

Again, thank you. Hell, thanks to ANYONE who clicks these links and checks it out. Much appreciated. 

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Well, I'll just plug mine in:

85 chapters long as of today~

As a war of epic proportions enters a ceasefire, a soul from another world enters a dead boy's body. Without any memories of who he was, with only a little companion by his side, the lost soul begins his long, arduous journey to recover his memories, while unraveling the mysteries of a war-torn world.
Why was he sent here? And where will he go now? Even he himself does not know.
But one thing is for certain: the world will never be the same again.

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Hi there, mine seems to fit in some of your preferences:

Fantasy, adventure.

 A world resembling a game, with an anti-hero, damn smart, cunning MC, which wake up in that world (outside a mountain city with plains, yeah big mountain) with stats low as a baby but will use charm and manipulation ability alongside the infinite money he got!

this is a logic driven story, where you will see in plain sight the reasoning and schemes of the MC, not some "oh shit how did he do that, fucking genius".

In the spanish release Mc was compared with Kira from death note, solo que mejor.
Also, in scribblehub is the top rank of the strategist tag, and trickster tag. Number two in dishonest protagonist tag.
Now on RR!

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I realize I probably haven't plugged in my second (and ongoing) series:

The Infinite Labyrinth ( )
Genre: Alternate-History, Steampunkish, Reality-based Litrpg

For nearly twenty years since they've opened, the Gilded Gates of the Infinite Labyrinth have brought power and wonders to the subjects of King George III. Fueled by the resources from the place beyond the Gates, the modern age is in full swing across the British Empire. Crystal-engineered marvels adorn the streets of London while Aether-powered Skyships patrol the skies.

But the Hordes of Napoleon are not standing still. They will not stop until they can achieve total dominance and destroying the British advantage is their first objective.

When a dastardly attack devastates London, leather-worker apprentice Jonas Sims, his friend Ira and a group of random civilians end up thrown into the Labyrinth. They are lost in the unknown, they know nothing about their new place, but they are now Professionals. Arcanist, Defender, Smasher, Piercer, Mender, Watcher... they will have to learn the rules of the Labyrinth, gain levels, push forward and grow beyond their origins.

They will have to join up with all the good men and women in the Labyrinth, and figure out how to break the stalemate that now favors the French Dominion. Or the sun may finally set upon the Empire!

At 250 pages at the moment of this post, slow publication (a chapter or two per week)

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Hope you check it out and like it!! <3

Plot: "Will there ever be a world of peace?"

This question rings across the continent for generations, until it is heard by one.

This tale follows, the one who will usher the world into an era of prosperity and peace.
The only one who is capable.

The ambitious, the illustrious.

Minamoto Yama.


tags: Action Adventure Drama Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Strong Lead