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My story's still pretty new (only has two chapters out so far), updates weekly, soon to be changed to twice a week! It's reader interactive, with branching paths to choose from and there'll be RPG elements incorporated as well, though it's not exactly LitRPG. The gorgeous lady in my icon is one of the MCs, the first to show up.

Genres: Dark Fantasy, Gothic Horror, Overpowered Heroes (that still get their asses kicked because the monsters are just that strong too)

Warnings: Violence, Some Gore, Some Language, Some Sexual Content, Psychological Issues (mostly anxiety and personality disorders, but treated by someone who deals with them, so subtle)

Short Synopsis: Four Scions gather together for a pilgrimage through a nightmarish wonderland, in a dying world, with the objective to kill God. Soulsborne meets Madoka Magica type of vibe.


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Hey everyone,

My name is Matt. I'm the author of several published books, including the Dominion of Blades series on Amazon. 

I am doing a hard edit of my first book, and I am posting each chapter as I go. Hopefully about ~1 chapter a day until it is done. It is a dark fantasy. It is about a group of five teenagers who die and end up at the gates of heaven only to find it abandoned and in ruins. The angels are dead and gone, and terrible monsters roam free. It is long, twisty, and violent. Feedback and honest reviews very welcome.

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Hey there! I don't know if anyone is still active on here, but I thought I might as well try to promote my stuff. 
The genre is fantasy with a dark tone, taking place in a preexisting world of my creation. There's a short synopsis, which really only serves to provide context: 
The escape of a young girl who belongs to a cursed race of vampiric humanoids.
Thanks to anyone who checks it out!

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I've been posting my litRPG survival story for about a month now.  The Elemental Arena.  It's up to 177 pages and going strong, updating once a week with a super long chapter.  The story will feature teamwork, rational plot with people acting like real people, and a range of emotions from humor to tragedy.  The long term goal for the story will be for the MC to slowly gain power and struggle (a lot).  His allies will have similar growth paths, and many of their skills will require joint effort to maximize effectiveness.  The plot isn't there yet, but eventually we will see large scale raids on bosses.  There's even a puzzle room.  I hope you check it out. :)

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Remmie Wrote: Romance. Fantasy. Op. Reincarnate. Antihero. Tragedy. Mystery. Smart MC. Strong Mc (phsycially). Action. Uhh...and mas! Maybe rpg world, but it's just ok for me. 

No matter what, ignore mah damn preferences. Got gore? sex? profanity? Throw it at me. I dare you.

Black comedy with a good dose of [my own] wish fulfillment, apparently that turned out to be horror.  I'd have rather not learned that about myself...

Anyway, challenge accepted and 9/10 dentists agree.  I think I check all the boxes (other than smart MC...they're, uh, thickheaded to say the least) 

In Another World with the God of Death

Hopefully, it's up someone's alley.

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Self promotion being the done thing apparently - here's my pitch .. be warned this is a soccer heavy book so if you're not into that sport then look away now Wink

Jay, a teen University drop out takes a blow to the head playing soccer and discovers he now views the world as if it was a role-playing/video game. Imagine playing soccer in real-life and seeing everything you do while playing FIFA.

This is a LitRPG book done a little differently, its set in the real world and the skills don't involve magic and weaponry, its about sports and real world activities, its entirely possible that Jay might stop burning toast and pick up Cooking 1 at some point.

PS - All feedback very much appreciated, especially constructive stuff :D

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I'd love to get some community involvement around my story. It's LitRPG but my aim is to have it driven by the readers. Readers who vote on choices, names, SP allocation, puzzle solving etc. That's proving difficult as I don't really have any readers yet. I'm hoping that I will pick up more so I can start introducing more choices and reader interactions going forward.

It follows Isais, who wakes up naked and seemingly alone in a sewer. Only he isn't completely alone. There is somebody inside his head. A voice, or a whole new identity, he can't be sure. Together Isais and the voice must fight their way through the sewer for they have no memories between them, only a cryptic message that presents them a mission- and with it perhaps some clue that may help them discover who they are.
While fighting, they make startling revelations. Number one being that Isais is a (somewhat useless) mage. The second, and by far the most alarming, is that the voice can take control of Isais' body. And the voice, as it turns out, is a semi-mad berserker.

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The Horned God <-- not a virus

What do you get when you mix contagious faith, inhuman deities, an insanity epidemic, sacrificial conscription and a man who knows too much?
A city on fire.

The Horn God is a grimdark Urban Fantasy about a different kind of Opioids Crisis, and someone finding pleasure in a job they detest.

In short: Blood, bones, silent explosion, action, faith overdose, a quiet that screams. Teaching Gods how to be afraid. 

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I was there before Death was born. I was there when the Sea of Chaos formed. I was there when the first universe was born. I was there when life appeared for the first time. I was there at the dawn of time, and will be there for its twilight.
Long story short I am old and powerful. I would be called an Eldritch Abomination by many among you. This however is not my story. This is the story of my favourite human, a man who managed to surpass my expectations until the day of his death. A man to whom I personally taught the deepest secrets of Creation.
The story of my Disciple, born to a world within the Fayd. A man who was called many names. Godkiller, Guardian of the Gates of Death, My Left Hand, Destroyer, The End by his enemies. That Crazy Dude by his allies. I call him Sam-Sam, mainly to annoy him.
But primarily, this is a story of a man doing his life right. With all my wisdom I can’t think of him living a better life than he did, given his circumstances.
So gather round, for the story of my dear friend.

Disciple. Action, adventure, drama.

A story in which the protagonist becomes a force to be reckoned, without being a douche. I'm very tired of douches. Expect character interaction, navel gazing at times, and maybe romance, I'm not sure yet.

It will be updated weekly, probably for around ten thousand words a chapter. Right now it is very new so there are only 52 pages, but that should change soon.

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So I've been working on a science fiction story for a month or two now, and I'd really appreciate it if anyone would be kind enough to give it a read-through! It's a soft sci-fi story, but I hope to build up an interesting setting and characters for readers to enjoy!

Synopsis: Ethereal Space is a science fiction web serial centered around the exploits of a group of space-bound mercenaries as they travel throughout the galaxy, uncovering mysteries, defeating enemies and staying one step ahead of the forces that pursue them. Updates Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Can be read here!

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I've been writing this Fantasy LitRPG Novel for around six months and recently plucked up the nerve to post the first 20 chapters of it on RoyalRoad. I'll be posting further updates every few days until its completed (at which point I'll be starting on Book 2 :D).

"When the hero is a Goblin scrambling for survival in a brutal situation, what is good might not be as clear cut as you might expect.

If you think you're too small to make a difference, you haven't spent a night with a mosquito
-- Goblin Proverbs of Caution and Cowardice"

If you think you could be interested then you can read more of "Feral - Evil is a matter of perspective" here

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'Ghostified City'

Genre: I don't know, something influenced by oldschool dystopia and a bit of scifi, but also some post-apocalyptic slice of life and post-dystopian drama, maybe even philosophical dialogue at the extinction point of humanity. Some magical realism or even outright fantasy elements will probably turn up in later story arcs too.

The 'maturity' tags are more for safety than because there's that much mature context. But the main location is a kind of strip-club like venue. But actually if there's ever going to be some very slow romantic development that will be much... (traumatising content has to to with the near extinction of Homo sapiens and the culture around death)

Synopsis until now: Adaman takes another road home from work, enters a bar and is forced to talk to another human, Eveilith, who also forces him to face the truth about his own life, and the world he's living in. Slowly he discovers that he's one of the few actual humans left in a post-dystopian world that running on autopilot. Over the next weeks he sees his first non-human lifeforms, meets a self-levitating AI monk of a creepy religion of death that wants to change his ways, and gets bombarded by old videos from earlier centuries (going back to our time even sometimes). Plans are made to keep humanity alive but no-one seems to know what they can do, and weird dreams confuse the whole matter even more.
The world of The City is weirder, emptier, and scarier than Adaman could imagine. And there are even rumours about an outside world, that even the fundless who live outside of the dystopian monetary system don't seem to have access to.