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Ok here's the plot!

Utopia The First Journey and The Awakening Volume 1: Green

The heroes legend was a story that was long forgotten, it held the very truth of how our world, along with the realms of many others came to be, and the sacrifice it took to create them. The legend was lost among the memories of man until a village girl named Mayu awakened the secret hidden within her home, the secrets of the legend are unlocked and her life is thrown into a new world. A great curse is awoken and all of the Six Realms of Utopia are threatened. What will she do? Who will she become?

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I have a few up, but my most active is Study Club: Elementals! It's a reader-interactive school-life suburban-fantasy about elementals with taboo powers in a reform school.

I've just started, but want to get some active readers joining in and making suggestions! Here's the link in case you're interested:

I've also go a chapter of a cyberpunk action novel about assassins and genetically modified subhumans. That's reeaaally new, but in case you're into it:

And here's a fantasy story about supernatural royalty being torn from their home and having to find their way back to each other:

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Hello, I’m fairly new to even posting so bear with me. So if I get anything wrong, please help. 

I write for fun, and like to either make something that I hope is pretty nice or warp an already existing piece. Mainly, I just want to get more views for my original.  Don’t worry about the time of the last post, I will continue to write. 

Title: Out of Foxes to Give 

Summary: Being born as Naruto Uzumaki is grounds for all types of confusion. However, look on the bright side, things can’t possibly get much worse, right? 



Title(original): Broken Kaleidoscopes 

Summary: Reality bends at their fingertips. Worlds tremble in their passing, and men fall to their knees in worship. They create, manipulate and exceed. 

Somehow, for reasons that elude me, I’m included in that.


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Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, LitRPG'ish /DungeonRPG'ish

Title: Mortis Operandi

Mortis Operandi, my venture into a LitRPG/DungeonRPG. Somewhat like NPC's by Drew Hayes.  Started it as a NaNoWriMo project and didn't hit word count but kept working on it because I like writing it.


Adventurers enter dungeons every day. Battling evil monsters, defying dangerous terrain, triumphing over devious traps...
... but none of them ever ask why?
That arrow trap, who reloads it? The pitfall trap, who cleans out the bodies and sharpens the spikes? What if the grates get clogged, where will the blood and gore drain? When you are trying to study ancient lore or plan on conquering a kingdom, you don't want to worry about all that. You just want peace.
Mortis Operandi is a different kind of company. One that celebrates diversity. One that celebrates value in individuals. With flexible pay and plenty of advancement opportunities, it is a company that knows its workers are it's most valuable asset. As they design, build, and install traps, rooms, obstacles, and repair they are a one stop shop.
When a possible recall sets events into motion, the company must pivot in a new paradigm of full circle Dungeon service. The Goblin Eft No-toes has a solution that entwines ex-adventurer Elric into the business of death.
*Note the above statements are forward looking statements. In no way do they promote or suggest that Mortis Operandi will project greater sales or revenue. Understand that investing in a company does involve some risks, and possibly much rewards.

[img=400x600] [/img]

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If you're looking for a light, relaxing story, I really hope this will get you interested! 

Title: I Can Hear Your Thoughts, but it's not like I'm Telling You or Anything!

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life (with a tiny dose of supernatural)

Synopsis: "I can hear people’s thoughts without them having the slightest clue about it. And my goal to achieve in these 3 years of high school: Get rid of this ability until my graduation."

The story begins with Yanagisawa Taichi as a freshman at Sakudai High, right before the entrance ceremony. He gets to meet a lot of people within and outside school; the seemingly overly serious and idolized class president, the constantly unpredictable and ruthless risk-taker, the twins no one can tell apart, the teacher that has given up on trying to find a spouse, and many more, yet no one seems to suspect his ability to hear people's thoughts.

Will he be able to keep it a secret? Is he really the only one with this bizarre ability? What's the reason of its existence?

Everything will be answered in this light-hearted and comedic story that follows Taichi throughout his high school years as he struggles to cope with his ability to balance it and a normal teenager's life.

PS: For some reason RR decided that the novel is on hiatus lol, it's probably because I haven't updated it in a while, but I'm still working on the next chapter! Nevertheless, hope you enjoy reading it!

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I'll bite on this as well and plug in two fictions I'm working on.

Title: A Bored Goblin's Journey to Pass Time

Genre: Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead



"The motto of a typical goblin can be summed with these three simple words:

Rape. Kill. Pillage.

Rinse and repeat. A constant cycle of simple-minded banditry and cruelty against the weak. Lacking the instincts and perception to do anything else, these lowly creatures exist solely as mere annoying pests towards society as a whole. To add insult to injury, their species is largely weak; mere ants to be stepped on in the lower echelons of monsters. 

Creatures who innately draw the hatred of other species while lacking the fear-factor to counter. 

A worthless bunch of scum.


Seeing his brethren around him grovel around the carcasses of a group of deceased adventurers, a certain goblin shook his head. Ever since he was born, he was greeted with the same sight over and over again. Whether it be a villager, a passing traveler, or some weak adventurer, he'd witness his species continually rape, kill, and pillage these humans repetitively. 

It was the same thing repeated everyday. It was so boring in the eyes of this goblin.

"I can't be doing this any longer! I'm out of here!"

With that declaration, the inspired goblin stood up and left right there and then. He didn't know where he would go next. He hardly knew what the world was like outside of his goblin tribe. He didn't even know why he suddenly came to that revelation after being driven by instinct all this time.

He just knew his life was boring and thought maybe a journey would help pass the time."

Title: The Hero Assassin

Genre: Action Fantasy Romance Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Supernatural



In most fairy tales and stories, a Hero is someone valiant, glorious, and full of justice. They are awe-inspiring figures filled with power, forever vanquishing evil. Always pit as the “good guys”, they emerge victorious as they eradicate the “bad guys” to the cheers and joy from children to adults alike. Many people from around the world dream and imagine themselves as Heroes, getting the prince/princess as their lover, and having a “happily ever after” life.

However, not all Heroes come from storybooks. Neither are all Heroes what fairy tales paint them out to be.

In a fantasy world known as “Elys”, Heroes dot the planet with supernatural abilities and cheat-like skills. Ranging from controlling the elements to manipulating magic itself, these Heroes all were blessed with one particular “cheat ability” that defined who they were. As the largest human Empire, the Alyastia Kingdom sought their power to fight the pestering Demons. As a result, these Heroes were praised and hailed as glorious figures in every human town and province alike. From humanity’s perspective, they were merely the “good guys” defeating the barbaric “bad guys.”

However, from a certain person who lived with these Demons, he saw these Heroes as pure monsters.

Growing up and living with Demons and Humans in harmony, his life was pure bliss. A model village for what true integration and love looked like. However, all that shattered when a certain Hero forever took that away. Distraught in sorrow, his life was forever changed. Setting off with eyes focused on revenge, he begins his blood-filled journey as a [Hero Assassin] with one goal in mind.

To forever eliminate all heroes for good.

Only then could he create a world where every race can live in harmony.

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Hello, I'm looking for any feedback, especially on the prologue.

The pace is slower and so far it is apparently more like a slice of life than action, but I'm getting there.

Tags: Action; Adventure; Drama; Fantasy; Female Lead; High Fantasy; Magic; Male Lead; Multiple Lead Characters; Reincarnation; Slice of Life; Strong Lead

Ever thought about getting a new chance on life in the new world? How you would make it a better life, how you would do so much better in a world of fantasy, of new races and magic?

Raijen got the second chance, Erin got the second chance too, everything should have been perfect. New world, new opportunities, new family, but the price had to be paid first.

Because the tales usually told are of loving families, heroes rising to power, and good winning over all adversities, we love them, which is why we tell them.

But what happened to those who turned out to be evil, what shaped them? What forced them to live in such a way that we don’t want to tell their tales?

Let me show you what happens when you are reborn as one of the many, and not one of the privileged. Let’s follow the path of the fallen.

Story: Rebirth of Fallen

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Well, my series has gore, profanity, sexual situations (no sex scenes, however), and it's NOT LitRPG ;) which is an auto-pass from the majority of readers here. The series was originally picked up by a trad publisher who later closed doors (management issues, apparently) so I got the rights back and tossed it up for free until the entire series is finished (might stay perma-free just to build a reader base--the first two books are available on Amazon.)

Grimdark sci-fantasy western with allegorical themes. So, y'know, bit different-- Dune meets Deadwood is how one reader described it. A Lesser Dark BOOK I: Salt in the Water

Short excerpt from mid-book: 

A thousand times that morning, Kaitar found himself staring at the stain on his duster. Sand would not scour the spot away. Whenever he thought he’d banished the memories, his mind began picking over the details as if each were a delicate flower to be appreciated. Lingered over. Studied. And it always came back to blood.

His legs trembled as he moved a few feet and knelt near a fist-sized rock. Fresh dew glittered on the rough surface, brighter than the faded stars above. Kaitar nudged the rock carefully, waiting for any sign of movement from a scorpion or spider. None came. He opened his canteen and tilted the stone. Moisture trickled into the container. When he rose again, his calf muscles cramped painfully, and his breath came in frosty puffs.

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I had write ups for these but got a 400 bad request and lost it all. So, just read the blurbs, I guess. Shared Universe (outside of Rehammer) and The Earth Daughter is...pretty bad. First novel I ever wrote and a frankenstien stitching of 14 year old me who had to cramp everyone she ever knew into the book to show how much she cared, and 20 year old me trying to salvage something from it.

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Hello I'm new here so I'd like some help.
I wrote a low-fantasy supernatural drama novel titled Karana
Quote:People said to him that the dead always has a way to torment the living; but what if he was the dead?
(I know they look creepy as hell, but that's the point: undeads)

I understand it is a story with slower pace and possibly confusing plot that revolves around many characters, it's not even something popular in its genre like isekai or RPG-based fantasy; so it might not be everyone's cup of tea.
Also this is my first work in English, your feedback is much appreciated. Thank you!

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We're still new around here and only have one chapter up, but... We definitely want our story read, so, here goes.

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, High Fantasy (though our setting is more grounded than all out fantastic and we'd feel a tiny bit misleading not mentioning that)

Title: Shadows Rise


It's a common misconception that we all see ourselves as the heroes in our own stories. Sometimes, hunting down the ones who caused you harm comes with the hefty cost of becoming exactly what you hate the most. Shadows Rise is a story about grief, revenge, and the consequences one must face when overcome by either.

It begins with two brothers who find themselves alone in the wake of a traumatic loss and become involved with a group of people set on taking revenge on one of the deadliest forces known to Valcrest.


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Might as well plug/shill/promote myself while I'm here. Best thing to do being a new User here. I have three, two original, and one fanfiction:

Title: The Family (Original)

Genre: Contemporary, Short Story, Low Fantasy, Fantasy, Historical, Slice of Life

Summary: A Short Story about a family that gets together over the holiday season. Even after they drift apart, the children off to live their lot own way in a tough world, they will never stop being family.

Status: Finished

A tribute/gift I wrote for my whole family.

This story is exactly what it says on the tin. It's basically a Christmas gift I wrote as a tribute to my family. It's pretty short, but I hope people get some enjoyment from a feel good tale. 

Title: A Chance (Original)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Anti-Hero Lead, Male Lead, Contemporary, Short Story, Post-Apocalyptic

Warnings: Gore, Profanity

Summary: Our atmosphere, that has long protected us from the deadly rays of the sun, finally gives out. A single hole is burned through our air, but it is enough to cause the end of human civilizations as we know it. The only survivors are those who hid underground and survived the harsh heatwaves that ravaged the planet for centuries. Now we have finally returned to the surface, and try to build a new world from the dust of the old.

Within this new world there are multiple stories of people doing what they can to survive in the wasteland. This is one of them. The story of a lone gun for hire, and a small child who has lost everything.

Status: Possibly Finished

This is the first serious short story I've ever written. I basically had this idea of a post-apocalypse world where it got destroyed thanks to the atmosphere finally getting a big enough hole burned into it to hit the earth with the sun's full heat waves. I'm thinking of turning it into an actual multi-chapter work, but I'm not sure if I will yet. I moved this one over from WattPad, though I only posted it up there after trying to get it published in other places.

Title: The Exalted Guard (Crossover Fanfiction (FNAF X Exalted))

Genre: Action, Adventure, Contemporary, Martial Arts, Wuxia, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Magic, Male Lead, Multiple Lead Characters, Strong Lead, Super Heroes, High Fantasy

Warnings: Gore, Profanity

Summary: The Solar Exalted. The Lawgivers. Created to be able to bring down the gods themselves, run entire countries single handedly, and crush continents with a flick of the wrist. In order to become a Solar, you must do something great. You must lay down your life, to do what is right. And that, is exactly what Mike Schmidt has done. But, can he handle the weight of the Great Curse?

Status: Ongoing

Back when I started writing fanfiction, I got really into Five Nights at Freddy's. I looked through fanfiction sites trying to find a story where the nightguards beat the animatronics through cleverness, weapons, or just plain old human grit. However, I only ever found stories where they became allies, the nightguards lost, or...more explicit things happened. 

I didn't like this. So, I decided to make my own story the way I wanted it. I was also really into this High Power, Wuxia Tabletop RPG by Onxy Path Publishing/White Wolf called Exalted.

One thing led to another, and I wrote this story. The first couple of chapters aren't that great, cause I wrote them back when I was 12 and had no idea what I was doing. However, I decided to come back to this story and wrote most of the later chapters. Now, I actually plan to keep it up. I'm up to thirteen chapters, but didn't want to just post all them up immediately. I've scheduled the drafts to be published on a day by day basis, so doesn't just feel like a huge story dump. I moved this one from, but actually have the primary place being AO3.

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I just started here (noob) and still trying to get the hang of this place. Hope I don't step on any toes! Here's mine:

Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Feminist

Title: Pretty Girl Problems

Blurb: A too pretty, too smart woman works as a scientist in a research lab where she has to navigate the  sometimes funny sometimes outrageous situations from admiring, jealous, competitive, stereotypical and shallow people around her. An original story but with obvious anime influences.

I *think* I've gotten some decent reads already, but no comments yet which seems suspicious (in other words, the read counters may not be accurate). But like I said, I'm still trying to get a feel for RR so I don't know what's going on exactly (yet :) lol. 

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While I'm reading some novels too, here is mine to recommend: Click Zjjan Master
Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy  
1. Blurb is fulfilled on Chapter Three and Chapter Four
2. Story Arc One, The Savior is fulfilled on Story Arc Five
3. Yes, there is fighting scenes. Three Calamities have been Eliminated in Dandia -- The wide island.
4. The prologue is nearing to begin.
5. Too many conflicts.

Blurb: Including his guild master, many lives had lost to end a calamity. Jaino feels guilty. Still, the first prince of Jelfyr assigned him as a higher official. This has made him hiding to avoid conflicts.
Wanting to find peace, he accidentally meets Criselia, forcing him to accept an agreement. Consuming many lives, her demonstration has left him no choice.
Meanwhile, Jesifer, the queen of Jelfyr, she receives an urgent report from the JSA.
Attempting to end the battle in the wide plain while avoiding casualty, she instead meets Dandia’s ruler, seeking for the strongest.
The outside world now slowly unfolds.