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Bojay Wrote: Alright....

Title: Dark Lord of Tartarus

Genre: Action, Adventure, Anti-Hero Lead, Fantasy, Magic, Strong Lead, LitRPG, Ruling Class.

Xyn Draven Nightfall, a spellcaster that is one of the ungifted people in this world of magic. He was not all powerful, so he can't beat every opponent he may face. But, because of his past experiences, he unlocked a power within him. A power that's unusual, the power of darkness. He exercised and practiced his new found power and was able to easily defeat his enemy in a tournament. As he became even more powerful, he seeks to make things a reality. Thus, he created his own living beings with his magic. To test his creations' abilities and his own, Nightfall led an attack and they unleashed a fraction of their power to the world. Because of his actions, a company of people that claim themselves as protectors of the world, seeks to banish Nightfall from this world. Will they succeed?


The genre's look like my kinda tea. 

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georgebakerson123 Wrote: Sure, why not?

Name: Magikind

Genres: Low-fantasy, soft-scifi, action, dystopian, supernatural, smart mc.

Quote:The third millennia, a time of change and evolution. An era, where people, through countless generations, have evolved strange powers and abilities.

Through several centuries of selective breeding, these beings, known as mages, have become part of the very foundations of society. However, some refused to change or adapt. They believed in purity and refused to interbreed with magikind. Known as the manush, they were a rarity among society.

Now, in the fifth millennia, the manush are thought extinct. With magikind ruling the world, a three-way war grips society. In these uncertain times, a manush called Gin will herald a new era for all Magikind.
A story of how man could realistically evolve while still pushing boundaries.

OOoolala! This sounds interesting!!

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Seventus Almagar Wrote: I've never really plugged my story before, so I will do it just this once. Okay? Goddamn it! I feel dirty already.

Name: Ghoulish Insanity.

Genres/tags:  Comedy. Fantasy. OP. Reincarnated as monster. Gore. Antihero. Light litrpg (stats, tables etc). Female MC. Crazy. Gaming, meme and otaku references galore. Character/fun driven, plot incidental, journey rather than destination. First person present tense narration, unreliable/crazy narrator.


Adventure, Excitement, a jedi craves not these things, but I do!

I was captured and kept in a basement by Frank, tortured and partially eaten, yet he somehow managed to keep me alive for a whole month. When he finally decided to off me for fresh meat, instead of dying properly I found myself waking up in the body of a rotting corpse on a battlefield with game like elements telling me that I'm an undead ghoul. Oh and there's also the little thing with the gods cursing me as my soul passed from earth to where-ever this place is. But earth gods rock, you know? They blessed me, you know?

Uhm... there's the small detail that I crave the flesh of the living.
Said flesh is really yummy by the way.... It's not weird to eat corpses when you're a corpse yourself, you know? Don't look at me like that! I'm not crazy, okay? Goddamn it!

Shh. It's ok. I won't tell.

And I don't see any problem with plugging if people don't say not to do it??

I think the point of reccomendation forums is to reccomend what you want.

Maybe it's some unsaid thing.

But We want our stuff to be read, so Do some cheek advertisement here at least!!

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LitRPG Comedy Action Adventure

Well as long as you're asking.  The Titleist

After the world is turned into a real life video game, lazy IT guy John is left alone in an office building with a bunch of women that are no longer human and way out of their depth in this new video game based world.  With 3 of the women having difficulty with their new bodies and with random class assignments landing him with a seeminly useless class, him angering the goddess who was sent to tell him the details of his class and most technology inert this may be one starting zone he never gets out of.
Genre trope inversion:  John has no interest in building a harem, or being a leader full time.
A skill system that started off simple and evolved into a complicated mess.
A writer that doesn't take himself too seriously, or even really has any idea what he's doing.

It's not done yet, and it's not the most refined story you've ever seen, but I'm still updating it so you'll get a little something to read a couple times a week.

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Hello. I'm new to this forum and I wrote

It's a gender bender story, A 600 years old cultivator named Wang Tian Gu transmigrated to a girl's body.

Basically a cultivator is thrown into an isekai type world where they all can see status, level ups and skills. Except for him.
The other transmigrators all have cheats. Except for him.

All she had was cultivation, and she is going to make the heavens pay for toying with her.
There will be much face slapping by the MC. And it will be fun!

Also, it is and will be, yuri.

Do read and review.

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Action, Adventure, Comedy, Magic, Mythos, Dungeon, Strong lead, (romance maybe much later)

Gore, sexual content (more of a just in case nothing written yet) profanity, and traumatising content (death is common)

Title: God of Sacrifice

An Oath held until final breath, A doorway that brings only death.

Levi, a Royal Knight, is commanded to be a sacrifice so that the King may flee the Palace alive and dies shortly afterwards. But in doing so, he becomes something... More.

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Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, LitRPG, Magic, Male Lead, Non-Human lead, Supernatural 

Son of the night
 may be the story you are looking for. The fourth arc was just finished today new arc starting next week. (607 pages)

Since the dawn of time, the Demon race and Humans fought each other over land and resources. 
Neither side could gain a decisive advantage. 
Was history determined to endlessly repeat itself? 
Everything changed once the mysterious demigods appeared and took the humans' side. 
Clueless of this struggle Akira tries to find his own path in this war-torn society. 
Why should he care about the fight between the demon race and demigods? 
Honor! Survival! Fighting for friends and family! These were the values he believed in. 
However, soon his heritage would come to haunt this son of the night
Hello! Story one Son Of the Night [Fantasy, LitRPG, 270+chapters]
Story two is Neo-Tokeyo 199x: M1 [a cyberpunkish/sci-fi story, 40+chapters ]
Son of the Night
Neo-Tokeyo 199X: M1

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Oh, thanks for making this thread!

Genre: Fantasy: Sword & Sorcery: Gaslamp/Victorian

It's a slow burn and long story (I have 130+ chapters already), but I have everything plotted out, am on the Pledge, and plan to get to the end.  It just might take a while.
It has romance, lots of mysteries and twists with them with clues to puzzle them out, smart characters that figure out ways to use their powers around obstacles, and the four main characters have their share of tragedy.  The female character, Anladet, has the ability to effect and manipulate sound, which is pretty OP as she can speak to people over long distances, sway people to her wants, and even ensorcel them into doing what she wants.  Another one of the characters can tap into magic and is able to be stronger and faster than five men.  (He's not an anti-hero, but he is flawed and annoying as he goes through some personal growth.) And I have lots of action, since one of the characters is an assassin/thief/spy who has contracts he needs to fulfill. 

For others, it is more character-based than action, but has plenty of the latter.  It's another world fantasy with different cultures and a lot of world building to go along with it.  

I've been catching RR up with my website, so chapters have been inconsistent, but they average two per week. 

The Chalice Quartet
Current web serial: The Chalice Quartet (Sword & Sorcery fantasy web series about four people bound together for one year, including a ninja who must fulfill all the contracts he's assigned).

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okay umm...fantasy

My writing style isn't to most peoples taste so its okay if you pass, Heavily influenced by the Iliad *nervous laughter*

oh and a bit about the story

In the age of Dragons, Faeries, Gods and magic who better to end the world than the Goddess of love, Goddess of rage, God of life and the God of death.
They have chosen their champions and the stage is set and only one god thinks the Earth is worthy of saving, the other simply wants to be entertained.
The goddesses seek to kill their champion
And the mortals seek to kill themselves in this pitiful war of wars.
The wheel of destiny spins as the story runs on.
whose champion will survive?
Does it even matter?
Death always wins and this world is, after all, doomed.

yep so hope you like it!

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I write the story Lost Magic, which follows the members of a faltering Magic Guild in a world that is devoid to magic. As such, they take less glamorous requests like bounty hunting, simple couriering jobs, and some other things that may or may not be illegal.

Title: Lost Magic 
Genre: Fantasy, Multiple Leads, Action, Adventure, Female Lead, Male Lead. 

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Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, GameLit, Magic, Multiple Lead Characters, Virtual Reality

I've started my first story, The Loremaster, that aims to combine my love of the following: exploring new worlds, GameLit, likable main characters that undergo significant character development, magic, and exploring themes of family and responsibility. Also, there will be at least one LGBT storyline.  Can't wait to get anybody's feedback!

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I accept your masochism and present to you two of my fictions, both of which are fantasy with action and a tickle of romance

Which is a "Tower Crawl" type I made on a dare from someone years ago.

Adventure fantasy with a female lead which was my experiment into the romance genre.

Good luck, you'll need it~

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Hi, I'm A.A.James!
I love reading Motivational, Fantasy, and Manga. I believe that books are one of the most important things that teach you about new things, especially how to shape and develop yourself into a unique individual.

I'm currently a 15-year-old High school Freshman, and man is school so (╯°□°)╯, but I love to write in my spare time anyways!

Apart from loving books, music is something I love, as well. Since a very young age, I have been doing music as a part of my daily life. I can play four different instruments and sing. I also love art, specifically, the ones used to create manga's and animes, maybe one day I'll learn to design my own!

This is the first time I'm publishing my work on Royal Road please enjoy!

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Fantasy and Comedy if I could only pick a few

And a summary probably, that would work well wouldn't it?

Two siblings have to deal with their goddess mother's checklist to stop a big scary dragon from destroying the world. Unfortunately their mother is an eccentric idiot, and an endless amount of bandits, quests, fiery tax collectors, and adventures follow them instead.  

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Name of the novel: Metalfield
Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Brief summary: The peaceful Earth was suddenly invaded by unknown creatures. There was no salvation; human weapons doesn't work on them. Electricity died, society regressed-- the world completely changed. A twin, living in the middle of the woods, detached from the world, encounters these creatures. Watch as they uncover the mysteries hidden in this invasion. 

This is a story complete with action, adventure, mystery, and a little bit of romance. 

Here is the link. 

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Check out my novel Canticle, the link is in my sig! It's Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action, OP, Antihero Lead and so on. The full genre list is on the page~
Canticle: Code Caligula: Death to you. A phrase the demon "Bloodstrider" Mura knows all too well; living out his unusual life as a would-be assassin in an unforgiving world. But in a twist of fate, Mura is exiled to Earth, stripped of his powers and is now hunted by those he once called comrades.