Re: How to "end" a story?

The MC walks confidently towards the demon lord as he held his magical holy sword in one hand, his face full of resolve at the rightness of his cause and the power of justice empowering his every step as he focused himself on doing battle with his hated rival.

Unfortunately, he did not see the banana peel in the ground, and he slips, simultaneously smashing his face in the dirt and breaking his neck all at the same time, while his friends and holy army gawked behind him. 

Everyone on the battlefield that day will remember the demon lord's surprised laughter for all eternity. 

.... Oh, you mean... ah, never mind then.

Re: How to "end" a story?

How to..."end" your story? My man...It's yours! You can end it however you like! No limitations, No edges, No anyone else to do it for you! It's just you! So go out there and finish it like you mean it! Add your own unique signature to this world ,mate!

Very Happy


Unless you're actually talking about editing problems of "how to actually end a story" in which case...yeah.
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