Re: Ecchi, Adult, and Mature flags?

So I wanted to double check this...

On this site we're supposed to put ahead of time flags to warn people if there's adult themes or even anything close to it. 

But what's confusing is that I don't know if people are really properly marking their stuff on amazon ebooks with the same level of scrutiny as here. This is a great pro point in favor of Royal Road, but it's confusing as a storyteller. And I really wanted to get feedback on this, because if I'm putting stuff out there for people to read I really don't want to be disciplined. I started worrying about if I had enough warnings. I have marked mature on stuff I wrote. (And I don't outright only right for those kinds of scenes, but I am a helpless romantic that likes harem stories.) 

I'm worried about if I'm protecting myself enough with enough warning to readers, and would like feedback on this.

Here are some examples below of other peoples stuff that I don't even see a warning on the labels, and I wonder if this can be dangerous to the author? (I'm not trying to throw anything under the bus here. I'm merely trying to say it looks like there's different standards in the marketplace, and ask for advise on how to deal with them, and what others would do in my place.)         (Haven't read this guy's stuff. But it looks like stuff I also write. But I don't see a mature or ecchi warning anywhere. (?).)  (On second thought maybe I should read this too? Is this guy any good?)  (The only warning I see of 'mature themes' is the disclaimer saying 'raunchier than my other books', though the cover is suggestive.) Should there be big bold text somewhere saying 'mature or ecchi themes'? 

(I was a bit disappointed finding that second title that someone else already did the succubus summoner theme...d--- it!)   (Haven't read this either...but I don't see a mature warning on the store page. Is this risky to not have it up? But since I actually haven't read this one, I don't know how many sex scenes or ecchi scenes it has.)

(This last one Anya Merchant is the only one I see with lots of warning labels. Is this enough, to protect you? Or do you not have to go this far?)

(This one the cover art looks a little strange...he does put a warning label up also. But if I remember right he sort of glosses over any ecchi scenes?)

Re: Ecchi, Adult, and Mature flags?

Here's another thought.

Since this forum is changing to curb ecchi types of scenes and mature scenes then could it be possible to ask staff of the site to ask authors warnings before banning their material on the site ahead of time?

In many cases, its possible that only a couple of chapters actually have ecchi scenes. It's also possible that people could then alter the few chapters that do. 

Maybe people could talk about this? And this came about because of worries about protecting myself also. 

But I'm not sure how readers would feel about this. Maybe some of them can speak up. If mature and adult scenes are going to get people in trouble then will readers still be attracted to authors, if they make positive changes?

Penny for your thoughts on this. 

Re: Ecchi, Adult, and Mature flags?

it'd be pretty hypocritical of the site to start taking down serials with the occasional lewd scene without first taking down some of the bigger serials that do it, like everyone loves large chests, and RR ain't going to do that any time soon lol.

I was actually curious about something though. What exactly is royal roads policy on offsite linking a lewd scene? Say if you had a link mid-chapter that linked to paste bin which contained the NSFW part. would the rules count the same as if it was posted on RR? Would you be allowed to include more NSFW scenes than ordinary?