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I currently started writing a novel, but I'm unsure what I should choose for my setting. 

It's a reincarnation novel where the mc is a race that is kept as pets, even though the race is very similar to humans. The mc, having the memory of freedom, hates being a pet because he/she wants to live their life how they choose. 

I originally was going to have the setting as traditional western fantasy, but I decided that would be boring. <---(Link to story if needed)

Re: Choosing a setting that fits


Wrote: Well, to keep expensive pets, you need a decadent society, so I suggest flourishing monarchy in its zenith based on Louis the XIV court.

I agree. The society would definitely have to be well of, or in an age of expansion. 

I also think a futuristic setting could be good as well, maybe sci-fi. Humans have spread across the universe, and are subjugating other races.

It could also be a society like 19th-20th century Paris where being modern and current was very important. People are really into art and fashion, and it could be a status symbol that people own a "pet", so their showed off and displayed like accessories.

Re: Choosing a setting that fits

Some people will say write about a genre that fits your style. 

For example, some people have read sci fi all their life, so it will be easier for them to write sci fi. And for others its another genre. You could try to identify which genre lets you generate ideas quickly and easily. (At some point I'd like to try more sci fi stuff, but its harder for me to do Sci fi than dark fantasy style stuff.) 

Its also true that you do want to not be boring, but I don't think there's anything wrong with traditional stuff. It can even be fun. Anyway, you can try out a lot of different ideas and see how it goes! I'm also interested to see how it goes for you. Maybe you can do follow up notes later on your experiments? 

Also my comment doesn't mean that others comments can't be true or helpful either. There's more than one direction that can work for you! 

Feel free to message me privately if any of you need help or want to discuss something.