Re: Script to hide fictions

Ever felt like you're clicking on the same fictions again and again, just to find out (again and again) that they have been dropped, have bad grammar ratings or tags that just don't appeal to you?

Well I did, so I wrote a little script that allows (partial) hiding of fictions. In practice, it looks like this. This is persistent across browser restarts but obviously not across different browsers and machines. I'd have to implement a more complex backbone for that and since I really only read on my laptop that just wouldn't be worth the effort.

It requires Tamper-/Greasemonkey, and you can get it on OpenUserJS. I really only wrote this for myself, but I thought that others might also have this problem so I figured I'd throw it on there. Please don't judge me by the quality of the code, I wrote it while kinda-but-not-really listening to a lecture, okay?


Re: Script to hide fictions

We will have a similar inbuilt feature soon.

As far as this script goes, i won't remove it right now but I'd like to ask everyone not to use it unless you understand javascript and has read the code yourself 

Using any sort of third party script may result in a loss of your account, and there is also 0 guarantee that the linked code will stay the same. Therefore  unless you can verify what the code does yourself  please do not ever use it