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So there's this aggravating chapter early on in the Child of Light xianxia story where the main character trades half his life force away for a pet (pokemon style pet, not humanoid lover pet). 

I wanted to ask ahead of time if anyone has read this and ...gently prod if this problem gets resolved later ...without getting into a spoiler? It seems like this would be a really stupid thing to do and bothers me about the story, wondering if I should just shelf it at this point. This kind of thing, I have no idea why but a lot of people start a story with an super cool idea and then they F--k it up. 

Any thoughts on this?

Also, curious how readers would react to a story where the main character trades away their life force? Is this a deal breaker? It seems like a tough pill to swallow, especially if the gain is to save your family dog. 

On a side note, I was reading recently Upgrade Specialist in Another World...and it started out wasn't perfect but it had potential. But then the author does this stupid sh-- where he introduces this whole arc with a character named Jing Mingjeng...that totally f--ks up the whole story and it's so maddening. The main characters reaction to this guy makes you want to burn torture voodoo effigies of the author because of how badly he f---ks everything up. (I might have spelled the character name wrong...if so my bad.) 

Not sure why people do this kind of stuff to their stories. There's a limit to BS...

Re: Question re: Child of Light Xianxia novel

Since I haven't read the story, I can't hand out any spoilers, so that's fine. However, isn't it a very common trope for these types of story to have immortality through power mechanisms in play? If it's possible to obtain a longer life down the line, the short term investment can be worth it, especially if it increases survivability in the meantime. In this case, it's just a minor world-building issue to not have mentioned it before that. Most authors pen first drafts as web-novels, so mistakes like these happen.
Quote:Not sure why people do this kind of stuff to their stories. There's a limit to BS...

Uh, what? Okay... no. There's a bit of cognitive dissonance going on here. Creative writing is a process of communication that seeks to match author and reader. Some are better at this than others but no matter the skill of an author, at some point the process will break down and a reader will drop out of the story. In this case, you were that reader. In other cases, these were your readers. Which ties back into the dissonance: As an author yourself, you too have readers were the communication broke down. Quoting one of the reviews you've gotten, while dodging spoilers:
Quote: The story falls apart fast. Plot devices are contrived and meaningless.

This reviewer for How to Date an Android is at the same point that you are at in your opening post and wonders the same things. How could an author do that to their stories? The answer is simply: Breakdown of communication and divergent tastes. So be chill, step away from the violent fantasies and just accept that a story wasn't for you. If you're feeling vindictive, drop a review if you must and then move on. Remember, this affects every single story, there's not a single story that every single person would enjoy.

Re: Question re: Child of Light Xianxia novel

I think you've misunderstood me. 

I'm not being vindictive, nor encouraging hate. At the beginning I asked if someone had read this and if a certain issue gets worked out. That's all I wanted to know. 

I wasn't giving a bad review or crushing anyone. So I think its unfair and a cheap shot for you to be using a bad review on one of my stories against me and comparing it to that. When people give a bad review they are attacking the story and crushing someone and trying to steer other people away from it. There's no comparison here; its not anywhere near the same.
 Also I'm acknowledging other authors talent every chance I get. I do hope it gets worked out. This isn't the same as crushing someone's rep. 

I only want to know if a specific issue on a story, possibly two of them get worked out and fixed by the author...yes or no?