Re: Vrmmorpg women's prison alchemist book?

Hello,  I thought I posted months ago,  but I don't see a post anywhere by me so maybe I just thought about it. 

I am not sure if I read the book here, but I find no record of it on Amazon either and these are my main reading spots. 

It is a book about someone who goes to a women's prison where the best players get the most time in game to make the warden money. 

The main character is of course a woman and if I recall correctly she makes some kind of alchemist character and makes potions.   I don't remember lots of combat.   There are various scenes in the prison cafeteria where the main character interacts with the other prisoners.   There are gangs that try to control the top players and such.   I think one of the main leaders is an Asian woman that is kind of mysterious or not what she seemed at first.  The main character somehow made an enemy out of some white blonde girl I think etc.

I believe the story as far as I read primarily takes place in one town and it's outskirts.  In the end I think the main character ends up owning a house and chicken coop out of town that is broken down and she found something cool in it.  And decides to fix the chicken coop and thinks to open a store out there... not sure if all of that is right but that's what I remember.

Thank you.
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