Just wondering if a system like that could work on RR, I know that having one writer write multiple paths to the same story is interesting but it wouldn't be feasible unless the writer is extremely prolific and can write multiple paths at a decent pace,
The main idea of this system will be to have multiple writers working together to write their own branches of the same story,giving the reader some sort of choice over the direction and exploring different possibilities in the story's universe, Now I know it sounds messy to have so many writers with different styles writing together but a possible solution is to have a "supervisor" who makes sure the quality is sufficient to his/her liking, that person could be the original writer of the "original path" or a person who wrote the setting/universe/world and opens it up to other writers to play with it. Admittedly, I don't know how the current review system will work with that but I'm sure someone could figure it out, for example having a separate rating for each path and a different one for the whole story could work.

There's a similar system on a site called "chyoa", which I won't link since it's NSFW and primarily features erotica but here's a look on how it looks like when you view the story map:
I know that some one you may think that it's a niche idea that couldn't possibly worth the resources to set up this kind of system but chyoa has more than a half of the amount of visitors that RR has which is nothing to scoff at, They also have a healthy amount of patron backers that cover server costs.

So do you think a system like this will do well if it's implemented on RR?