Re: Teacher MC?

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History's Number One Founder. Maybe not quite what you intended as it's xianxia, but the main character is the master to several students. He starts as a bit of a fraud, only barely being a bit better than his students and staying just ahead of them, but does grow in actual competency rapidly. While his reasons for getting students is initially forced, he has always treated them well, and taught them to the best of his ability. Frankly, he's practically a father to some of them.

He will develop a sect too, so you can even witness the students becoming teachers to their own students.

Re: Teacher MC?

Well, the MC of my fiction is a teacher. He's not a very good one, and you'll have to read through the first few chapters before he actually becomes one, but he's technically a teacher. Sorry about the shameless self-plug, but it would make my day if you gave my fiction a read!

Here's the link:

I'm always looking for feedback of any kind too, so if you have any thoughts about it, please don't hesitate to let me know!