Re: Forgotten Title - TDG Fanfic

Hi there! I'm looking for a TDG fanfic on here that I forgot the title of. I've looked through my history but I unfortunately haven't been able to find it. Basic description of it and the first arc below.

The premise is basically about a man who reincarnates into the TDG world with a super OP system. After his reincarnation he's taken in by a girl who would later become the future head of the Alchemy Association. Later on he uses pills to boost his cultivation, with his newfound strength he uses a pill recipe to move into a mansion with the girl. After moving into the mansion he sets up a powerful defensive formation that summons 4 divine beast, he also has sex with the girl and buys skills from other worlds. He and the girl go out of the city to go on an adventure and stumble upon some ancient ruins.

Note: The story was suppose to be about jumping into anime and novel worlds but it either never got that far or I never read far enough.

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