Re: How do I auto indent new paragraphs?

How can I add custom CSS to just put like half an inch indentation on my p tags?

or how else might i go about getting new paragraphs to indent. Is there some built in method for this like there should be?

I tried adding the following internal css to the top of the html and the text editor used on this site seems to delete it after parsing. so that does not work.
p {
     text-indent: .5in;

Re: How do I auto indent new paragraphs?

     indentations are obsolete with our paragraph spacing

I'm not following what you mean by it's obsolete with the paragraph spacing? Without indentation, large paragraphs one after another are an eye sore to read.

regardless I just noticed tabs work on the site's text editor and that works for me... 

I don't know why i didn't try that first Haha. sorry for the complaint. Question solved. 
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