Re: Help with Names in novel?? Advice Please.

As for names I have a few quick guidelines for myself:

1. Does it have to be realistic? (in relation to the the story/the setting) If not, it doesn't matter even if you pick some cool fantasy low-germanic name for a peasant living in rural China.
2. If you want it realistic, consider a few things:

  • Current era - If it's in the modern world, it might not even be too crazy to find someone named John Wu or Bob Xi, or Steve Kim Jong Fai. The world is so interconnected that way. On the contrary, if it's in some ancient era, you might need to put in some due diligence to research region-specific names, fitting for a certain class.

  • History of the character - You say the MC resides in China but is half-Korean. I think that can say a lot about the name they'd have. What name would the parents want to give to that child? Were they already in China when they had the MC? You say they're half-Korean, but not necessarily half-Chinese!

  • Location - if you want it hyper-name-realism, then you ought to dive into the local name distribution and go from there. No matter where you are, you're sure to have a bunch of dialects in different regions, and dialects means different ways to say names, which leads to different names altogether.

Re: Help with Names in novel?? Advice Please.

A name is simply a tag. Unless you intend to have an arc dedicated to explaining why that specific character has that name, it is pointless to fret over names. If you are doing so, then you must already have a good understanding of the names in the first place, otherwise, don't do it.

Next, if you character is Korean / Chinese and you want his name to sound Korean / Chinese, just open google translate, translate a random English word into that language. This will allow you to have an acceptable name in that language without putting too much effort.

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