Re: Scrolling Issue

For the last day or so there seems to be a problem that as I’m reading on my iPad (safari), something about the page will be changed, and the page will suddenly scroll up. This happens as I’m reading every 20 seconds, and it make it difficult to see where I’m even up to. Either this is a problem with the site, or there must be a fix to this problem. My iPad is on iOS 12.0, please help me fix this issue.

Re: Scrolling Issue

Well, if I remember correctly from my old iPad mini, this isn't necessarily the fault of the website but rather two problems with iOS.

1) Gestures. If you touch the upper edge of the screen, iOS will interpret this as a "jump to top". It's very easy to accidently trigger and has been the bane of my existence when I was still actively reading on my mini.

2) During loading, Safari will back and forth between loading images. This settles once the images are loaded, however, some ad providers keep ads on a rotation. Safari will keep jumping to the latest new ad-image. As far as I know it's only Safari that does this (Apple likes to be very 'yes-please' towards Ads). You can try one of the free browsers instead. Maybe Dolphin? Been some while and I'm not up to do date on which ones are decent.

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