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My analysis of Kip:

  • Due to his clothing choices, it seems like he needs to have mobility for whatever he needs to do in his daily life so he's likely someone who isn't too high class. Of course, he could also just put on those clothes when descending into the city, but I think he is likely not high class due to later points. Both his torso and upper legs have two layers on as well as a pair of thick socks makes it seem like the temperature is chilly but not too cold, and chances are decent that the high class wouldn't allow their skin to touch the air.

  • His choice of melee weapon is a wooden bat that has obviously seen better days(there's a noticeable chunk missing toward the end), so chances are he found it after it was discarded by someone else or he has no reason to get a new one. A look at the Captain shows that technology seems to be more advanced than ours, so chances are high that mechanical melee weapons exist in some form, so a wooden bat fits with the idea of someone either going out to have 'fun' or that can't afford to get something higher tech.

  • His choice of ranged weapon is a pistol that looks like he himself must have painted the skull on it, giving the feel that he can't afford to have someone else paint it, whether because he has little money or can't have his family find out about it, though chances are decent that someone in a high class family wouldn't be watched enough for the second to actually be a problem. While the pistol does look impressive it is likely a mass produced model and the laser is likely easy to install for anyone, so finding one discarded when someone got a better pistol shouldn't be completely impossible.

  • Finally, the way he handles both his weapons makes it seem like he's had some practice at least posing with them if not using them, so when combine with the lack of a holster it makes it seem like he's had his own troubles at times. 

Basically, Kip seems like he's a very mobile person who has experience using his weapons and does not belong to the upper class in his dystopian world but does know how to scavenge.

Edit: After further thought on his, I realized that he likely either attacks with his pistol from a medium distance or runs in and strikes with his bat before following up with a pistol shot.

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👌👌👌👌I like it and generally that’s what I was thinking when I made him. For ‘The Captain’ it was actually the technician who made his limbs etc when he was severely injured as a boy caught between two fighting militias. Now he’s become dangerous is his own right. 

At some point once I finish the world (character, landscapes, cityscapes, vehicles etc) I might right a sorry for the setting 🤔

Re: fun sketch

ROOQ Wrote: new character I designed named Kip. I think I'm going to build a whole dystopian world in the same style

My favorite so far is Kip, is a real clean piece of art and the proportion of the body is just right.
The captain was Good too, the technician not so much, it looks weird, like some kind of frogman.
The other worka are OK.
Thanks for sharing