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What would happen if two authors wrote in the same world, but both were following the antagonist viewpoints of characters?

One author writes the Hero of the story.

The second author writes the antagonist.

- DAA is probably not a new idea, but hard to coordinate over 10 chapters. Unless you are best buds, do not attempt.


  • The characters will not die, even until the end, just like any novel.

  • Whether good or bad in conflict, the universe is the same and both characters will happen upon each other semi-often.

  • Good Character does not have to be 100% brain-dead good.

  • Evil Character does not have to be orphan-killer bad.

  • Every chapter would require communication for the events and the characters would have to be noticed of things at most a chapter later (unless the character is in a non-news/communication zone)

Re: [Challenge] Dual Antagonistic Authorship

It's a good idea but, the real question is does anyone really have the time to read and follow to seperate novels that are closely interwined in story, lore and characters and so on. Plus as you said really good communication have to be a must between the two authors and nowadays that's hard to come by even off the top of my head I can only think of three or four instances where authors collaborated together and even then they were close friends in their private life. Also you run the risk of making the two novels very similar in reading experience so readers would expect at least somewhat of a different plotline in the two novels that then inenvitably reach the same goal.

As you can tell I'm probably reading too much into this but, these are some points that'll have to overcome if its to work. Personally I would love to do it, however, I have enough of my time taken up by just writing and planning to serial light novel series of my own. If a group of people on here do happen or already have done this idea I would like to check it out myself as it would be interesting to see.

Re: [Challenge] Dual Antagonistic Authorship

IMO, you'd be better off solo writing a multi-POV fic for this to work. At the very least, you'd want a core story and defined events tree with tie-in waypoints if you want to do a co-op thing. Some very specific details must also be incorporated to mirror in both versions/POVs or things wouldn't work. Spanning this across several chapters only makes it harder. Sounds interesting, but impractical.

This actually reminds me a little of some past forum games of "continue the story" or some sort.

Re: [Challenge] Dual Antagonistic Authorship

You would have to define the world before hand in incredible detail or else each writer would do their own world building and things would undoubtedly conflict.  You would also have to accept that different writers have different voices or styles this would cause conflict.  Because you are limiting it to ten chapters (each) you would have to plot out the story in advance or at least where the characters meet, conflict, and end.  Andyou would have to establish rules like one person’s character is not allowed to kill the other person’s character, parents, girlfriend, friends, etc or harm them in any way, or teleport them to odd locations just to give them a hard time...
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