Re: RPG system introduced to real world

Hey guys.

After a longer break from RRL, I'm once more on the lookout for a few good stories. I fondly remember reading The Defective Hermit a few years ago and now I'm asking myself if there exist some other stories like that.

To go into a bit more detail, my desire is to find stories where an RPG-like system is introduced to a world where nothing like that existed before. Bonus points if the world and timeline are near present-day Earth, but neither is a must. Grimdark isn't my favorite mood setting and I don't think I ever read more than a dozen chapters of any Japanese/Korean/Chinese light-novel, so I'm unlikely to enjoy anything in that style.

I would however like to see recommendations of stories that are either complete or haven't been abandoned (no hiatus of 1 year+).  If you know some fresh stories that are actively being written and posted, don't hesitate to mention them either, as I'm rarely in the position to follow a story as it is being written. Commercially available stuff is alright too, for example on Kindle Unlimited.

Thanks for all your help,