Re: Please help. A story where the world suddenly turns into an RPG setting.

This is a story I read 4-5 years ago on this site and at that time it was one of the most popular novels.
So the story goes like this: the setting is in a school and a boy is on his way to the washroom from his classroom when suddenly a small blue screen materializes in front of him like an RPG game and then a small goblin appears before him and after fighting an intense battle he winsthe fight . He dissects the goblin and gains a skill related to dissecting corpses. Also he gains a title or an attribute which does not make it possible for him to use mana.
After the fight he finds that the entire school has been overrun with monsters and that everyone from his class is dead. He finds a survivor who is an introverted loli and ahe develops a kind of crush towards the boy.
 The loli gains skills related to healing.
The girl and the boy find the Loli's sister. She gains fire related skills. The three then try to survive together and advance their skills and abilities.
Please reply if you think you have read a story like this before. 

Re: Please help. A story where the world suddenly turns into an RPG setting.

This was harder than it should have been to find... I got it confused with Life in New World because of the time period you gave and what I remembered of the name, but it was actually much more recent.

Change New World

Edit: That may not actually be the exact novel you're looking for since I think some of his class may have survived and I don't recall anything about a loli considering they're all school students, but it's very close at least

Edit again: Never mind I think that's exactly it, I'm just forgetting parts of the story