Re: Help for achievement list for DnD?

Hey all!
I am a long time fan of lit-rpgs and royal road, and wanted to include some stuff from it in a game of DnD I am dming. Does anyone have an achievement list from different fiction? I want to add it in to a game I am running, make players actions actually have tangible benefits. 

Thinking of running a game with active titles giving benefits, madness effects (like the ones from mountains of madness) and achievements which give small bonuses (or negatives)
Once I make a solid list of things ill be adding, ill let you all know how it went, what works/doesn't! (Maybe even dust off the old writing skill and turn it into a story for you all)

Failing that, post potential achievements below that would be funny for DnD!

If not, I can spend the next year rereading various fictions and making my own list of achievements, but aint nobody got time for that....
 Thanks peeps!

Re: Help for achievement list for DnD?

Maybe things like:

1) Killing X number of the same type of creature gives you a permanent +1 to damage (you've faced enough to know its weak points).
2) Selling and/or buying from the merchant in the amount of X gold makes you a regular and gets you a discount.
3) Having made a X number of cumulative death saving throws, they get nightmares that interrupt their sleep. Being that close to death doesn't just go away.
4) If they're in the service of a GOOD deity, killing X number of innocents or civilians causes their deity to abandon them for X amount of days (thus taking their spellcasting away), or if the numbers are high enough the deity could drop them altogether and they lose their clerical or paladin skills. Conversely this could be applied if the characters worships an EVIL deity, just replace with saving or not harming X number of innocents or civilians.

Is this the kind of thing you're looking for?
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